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21 December 2012 | in Long Track Speed Skating, World University Championships

1st WUC Speed Skating – Day 3 of Competitions

Martina Sablikova (CZE)

ZAKOPANE - There were a lot of records broken yesterday, December 20th at the inaugural World University Speed Skating Championship in Zakopane, Poland. Czech’s Martina Sablikova confirmed her world top class and beat yet another track record on the 5000 metres. The Polish fans rejoiced Natalia Czerwonka’s 1,000m gold. In the men’s 10.000m race Norwegian Martin Bjertnes won the race beating his personal best by 17 seconds.

Read all about the races in Newsletter N°5.


C. Pierre, Press Officer


Yesterday’s Podiums

Women’s 1,000m
1. Natalia Czerwonka (POL)
2. Luiza Zlotkowska (POL)
3. Tatyana Sokorko (KAZ)

Women's 5,000m

1. Martina Sablikova (CZE)

2. Camilla Farestveit (NOR)

3. Yelana Urvansteva (KAZ)

Men's 10,000m

1. Martin Bjertnes (NOR)

2. Sebastian Druszkiewicz (POL)

3. Pavel Kulma (CZE).



Newsletter N° 5



Men’s 10,000m

Women’s 5,000m

Women’s 1,000m