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12 July 2019 | in FISU

Jury decision in the Men's Half Marathon during Summer Universiade 2019

RE: Men’s Half Marathon Competitor Disqualification


NAPLES, 13 July – Following the conclusion of the Men’s Half Marathon competition at the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade, two competitors were disqualied for violating on two occasions each IAAF Competition Rule 240.8 H – athletes receiving refreshment outside an official refreshment station.


The two disqualified athletes were Bujie Duo (CHN) and Jianhua Peng (CHN).


After the announcement of the disqualification of the two athletes, the Chinese delegation filed an appeal. Following deliberation, the competition jury rescinded this appeal, upholding the disqualification to Mr.’s Duo and Peng.


The results of today’s men’s half marathon competition are now final.


The final men’s half marathon individual results are:


RANK                        NAME                                    NATIONALITY                     TIME

1                      AIZAWA Akira                                           JPN                             1 :05 :15

2                      NAKAMURA Taisei                                  JPN                             1 :05 :27

3                      ITO Tatsuhiko                                          JPN                              1 :05 :48



The final men’s half marathon nation rankings team are :


RANK                        NATIONALITY                           TIME

1                                      JPN                                         3 :16 :30

2                                      TUR                                         3 :24 :47

3                                      DEN                                         3 :30 :29                   


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