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25 September 2019 | in International Day Of University Sport

Massive IDUS celebrations in Russia, artistic ones in Albania

The International Day of University Sport 2019 was celebrated throughout the Russian Federation with 70 events included in an all-Russian IDUS calendar – this included sport competitions, festivals, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, meetings with famous athletes and flash mobs.


A total of 50,000 students all over Russia participated in the IDUS 2019 celebrations, with the main centres being the universities of Moscow, the Sverdlovsk region, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar territory and many other regions.


Leading sports universities of the country and federal universities held numerous tournaments, races and quizzes.


Heads of student sports organisations, political leaders and famous athletes also took part in the festivity.  The winners and participants of the events received memorable prizes and gifts with university symbols and the IDUS logo.

In Albania, IDUS was celebrated in Korçë, a city in the southeastern part of the country. The events started with a conference, round tables and a national press conference where the federation president Besnik Veliu spoke about the mission and objective of IDUS and FISU.


The it was time for the students from Fan Noli University to celebrate IDUS and they held various activities like cycling, mini-football, basketball and volleyball, all in a friendly and convivial atmosphere between students. The final activity organised was ‘Pedestrian Crossing’ and it included performances from student musicians, student singers and students actors.