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19 September 2023 | in International Day Of University Sport

IDUS: A good day to move

On the International Day of University Sports (IDUS), FISU Acting President Leonz Eder insists on the necessity for all to move and do some exercise to stay healthy.


His message in full:


Hello guys, good morning, good afternoon, good evening.


What a wonderful day.


But today is only wonderful if we do some exercise, some daily exercise to get stronger, to get more fit, to have the mind ready for our daily work.


This is all about International Day of University


You know, majority of us, we are not elite sports people, We try to do some exercise in our daily life.


Just don't take the elevator, take the stairs, Or if you come by bus, get out of the bus one station earlier and walk to your office or to your university or to the gym.


Try to do some sports with your family members, with your students, with your colleagues, with your friends.


Play some sports, then you have a lot of fun and check it out at your National University Sports Federation what they are offering.


The International Day of University Sports is all about you students, be active, have a healthy lifestyle on campus and in your daily life.


Then we can all celebrate together around the world the International Day of University Sports.


I thank you for that and I wish you a healthy lifestyle.


Watch the videos:






Additional information on IDUS:


Recently the next phase of Let’sMove was launched. The global Olympic initiative to encourage the world to move unveiled its Street Challenge, which is focused on inspiring young people to move through the passion of urban sports and culture. Watch their promo film