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31 January 2017 | in Winter Universiade, Ice Hockey

#WUAlmaty2017: Update Ice Hockey – Day 2



ALMATY – Four ice hockey games were scheduled today, 31 January, at the 28th Winter Universiade in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Men’s Tournament


The Asian clash between Japan and Korea ended in a victory for Team Nippon. Although Korea managed a first goal during a powerplay early in the first period, Japan equalized in the second and could turn the odds pocketing the victory. Final score: 5-2 (0-1; 2-&; 3-0).


USA played Slovakia and is still chasing its first victory as the Americans lost from Team Slovakia. Team USA effectively used the powerplay to net their only goal. Final score: 4-1 (2-1; 1-0; 1-0).




The most anticipated game of the day was without doubt the one between host team Kazakhstan versus Sweden. In front of a boisterous home crowd the ‘Tre Kronor’ played their best, but were overpowered by a fast playing Kazakhstan. Final score: 5-0 (2-0; 1-0; 2-0).

“They are a great team, they skate and play hard, but we played our hearts out and did our best,” Swedish Team Captain Erik Gunnar Lyrvall commented. “The crowd was amazing, it’s really fun playing in a crowded house. Of course you always want to win and we did our best but they were the better team. I think we kept the score down pretty well; the loss is not a disaster, there are still some things we can work on.” Sweden is present the 3rd consecutive time now at the Winter Universiade after a long absence. Since their comeback they get better each edition. “We really want to get better, obviously we want to win medals, so we keep working with the programme and try to raise more money. We do our best.”


Women’s Tournament


After losing against Russia, Team USA pocketed its first win beating Japan in a tight fought game. Team USA took the lead in the first period pushing the Japanese into pursuit while widening the gap in the second period. In the third Japan used its powerplay to the best netting another goal to get back into the game, but US goalie Greene walled up her nets keeping Team Nippon from scoring. Finale score: 2-3 (0-1; 1-2; 1-0).


C. Pierre, FISU Press Officer