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05 December 2018 | in Winter Universiade, Hosting

"Krasnoyarsk 2019 will be an authentic Siberian experience"

Olympian’s tips for athletes - throw on an extra layer of clothing and get going!


KRASNOYARSK -- Russia will be hosting the Winter Universiade for the first time from 2-12 March 2019 and Olympic Games silver medalist Alexander Panzhinskiy has a few tips for the student-athletes to deal with the biting cold and frosty conditions.

“If the weather is anything like what it was during the Cross-Country Skiing Russian Cup, they will have an authentic experience,” the lanky Russian ski sprinter Panzhinskiy laughs, referring to the recent test event where he won gold. “But the warmth and hospitality of the locals will warm the participants of the Winter Universiade 2019 after the races.”


Despite very strong winds and severe cold, Panzhinskiy came first in one of the most competitive stages of the Russian Cup, the 1ststage, which concluded over the last weekend in Krasnoyarsk. The Raduga Cluster venue of the Universiade was put to the test and emerged with flying colours.


“The weather made things difficult” says the Olympian who won silver in one of the closest finishes in Olympic cross-country ski history at the Vancouver 2010 Games. “But the organisers did their best. These test competitions in the lead-up to the Winter Universiade 2019 have revealed only minor shortcomings and there are no major problems, so I think everything is going great in Krasnoyarsk.”


Speaking further about the competition he won, Panzhinskiy says, “We really got some of the toughest weather: wind, snow, cold. Volunteers brought us warm clothes and wrapped us up in blankets. That played a major role, the competitions left a completely positive impression on me.”


Looking ahead to the Winter Universiade, Panzhinskiy feels the competitors should have nothing to worry about. “We skiers are hardy guys,” he adds. “We race in the snow, the rain, the wind and the cold—we have to be able to adapt to any weather.”


A quick tip for the Universiade skiers? “You throw on an extra layer of clothing and get going, just move your legs faster and it'll warm you up!”


All in all, Panzhinskiy believes that the opportunity the student athletes will get in March 2019 is a rare one. Everything meets the international standards,” he says of the venue.


“The stadium is excellent, so is the lighting. Even in such a harsh and gloomy weather it felt like the sun was shining. The track is wide enough and the turns are well-designed. There is a long finish line, so you can overtake opponents and show your best. I am sure that all the athletes will be happy.”


“These will be the most representative Games for foreign guests. Krasnoyarsk visitors will get a real understanding of what Siberia is,” Alexander Panzhinskiy adds proudly, all set it seems for Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade.

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