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26 August 2010 | in Futsal, World University Championships

2010 WUC Futsal Update: Day 3 of Competitions



NOVI SAD Yesterday, August 25th, the third day of competitions was played at the 12th World University Futsal Championship.


Men’s Tournament                                                       


Group A

ISR – SRB: 3-9

The leader of the pool A, Serbia started its last game of the group against Israel by the great futsal book. After three minutes 3:0 was blinking on the scoreboard. The defence of Team Israel at this moment looked a little bit chaotic and the Israeli let Serbian team score three time and one of these goals was an own goal by N°3 Itzhakov of Israel after a ball hit his leg. The fourth goal was scored by Kocic after an individual action. The host team started the second half also very well with a 5th goal by Prsic and a 6th by Milosavac. The concentration of the Serbian players was perturbed by the contra-attacks and two of these finished by a goal from Israel scored by Zur and Itzhakov. Fourteen minutes of the second half was dedicated to the moment when Serbian woke-up again. A seventh and eight goal scored by Kocic and Janijic increased the score on their side. The crowded “Spens” hall witnessed two more goals. One goal scored by Shulkin (ISR) and one goal scored by Milosavac (SRB). Final score 9:3 for Serbia which secured the first place in pool A and because France lost Argentina, Israel will play the quarter-final.


FRA – ARG: 2-4

The first half finished 0:0 and each team was waiting for the mistake of its opponent. The first goal was scored by Argentina but France replayed shortly after. A two-goal advantage in the second half put more pressure on the French team. When Argentina led 3:1 the French started to play with a flying goalie. They scored their second goal but that was it. They were less effective than the ARG team which scored one more goal. Final score: 4:2 for Argentina. However, it did not make any difference to both teams and moved up Israel to the quarter-final. 

Group B

URU – POR: 1-2

Group B was the most complicated group because three teams POL, URU and POR could finish second and turn to the winner of the group B Russia. Very fast combination of the Portuguese team gave Uruguay a hard time during the first ten minutes of the first half. Portugal opened score by Cardoso after eleven minutes of play. The second part of the first half was under control of the URU players. The transition of the ball between the players was much better and one and half minute to the end of the first half, N°10 Palaus of Uruguay equalised the score. The second half Portugal accelerated the transition of the ball and Luis Vitor scored a second goal. After that moment POR tried to secure and protected the one goal advantage. Final score: 2:1 which moves POR to the quarter-final to play against Russia.

MNE - POL 1:3

The importance of this game for Poland was visible from the first touch with the ball. Poland dominated all the game and did not give to many chances to the MNE players to score a goal and it was the Polish team which lead from 14 minutes 1:0, a goal scored by Pawicki. The second half, Team Poland scored another two goals by Marciniak and Mojta. MNE just cosmetically corrected the final result one minute before the final whistle by Draskovic. This victory brings Poland on top of pool B. In the quarter-final POL will meet UKR and MNE will play in the lower part of the second phase against Oman.

Group C

RUS – UKR: 4-2

UKR vs. RUSThis game was important to establish the final ranking of pool C. UKR started better and player N° 10 Sorokin opened the score after two minutes. It was a very high level of futsal when the players moved up and down and tried to score goals. In the fifth minute of the first half one of these fast actions finished with the ball in the UKR net. A combination of all players of the Russian team ended with a goal by N° 2 Kutuzov. Team Ukraine scored again first but this time to the wrong net, the second goal of the Russian team was an own goal of UKR player Zinchenko. In the second minute of the second half the Russian scored; Goncharov ends off the combination T-T-T by a third goal for his team. Five minutes later Sergeev over shot from twelve meters everyone who was in the line of his fire, 4-1 for Russia. Zhurba (UKR) corrected the score 4-2 at the 31st minute.


GBR – OMA: 0-1

An important game between both teams without a point in group C finished with a big surprised. Oman defeated GBR 1:0 after scoring a goal 9 minutes in the second half. The goal was scored by Bait Said Ali. The victory has historical importance for the Oman player as they won the first time at the international university sports level. GBR finished last of the group and Friday will go to play against the third team of group B.


Group D

KAZ - SVK 7:0

The games of group D started as usually the afternoon program of the 12th World University Futsal Championship. KAZ as well as SVK needed one respectively three points to finish second of the group. Kazakhstan scored first after one minute of the game. The transition of the ball between the players of the SVK team was not effective towards the net. Every single final pass was stopped by the well organized KAZ defence. The second goal of KAZ came in the worst possible moment after an individual error of a SVK player. The first half finished by two goals difference for KAZ. During the second half when Slovakia was in position of the ball they played with a flying goalkeeper and Kazakhstan scored five goals to conclude the game by a 7:0 victory finishing second in pool D after BRA.


CHN – BRA: 1-16

The Brazil men's team secured its place in the quarter-finals after it beat China for 16:1 and finished first in group D. Against a technically lesser opponent of group D, the Brazilian team played in attack all the time and marked seven goals in the first half. In the second half, Brazil continued to press the Chinese and tagged 16:1. "We had a tough group, especially the first two games against Slovakia and Kazakhstan. And this win today is important to give confidence to the group of these players now when we start a new competition", said Rafael Santos, Dengue. With nine points, Brazil finished as the winner of group D.

(Source: Michal Buchel, FISU Sports Manager)




Women’s Tournament                    

POR – SRB: 18-1

The third game of the women’s round robin tournament was played between SRB, the last team at this stage and POR one of the leaders. The Serbian ladies did not have so many chances to score a goal; mostly they played on their half of the pitch defensively. They scored one goal from a unique occasion. The Portuguese ladies controlled and passed the ball towards the goal very effectively. They scored 18 goals in total and confirmed their position in the classification.


GBR – BRA: 0-13

Brazil is in the race for its second title at the World University Futsal Women Championship 2010. On Wednesday, the Brazilians defeated Great Britain 13 to 0. With attacks down by the wings and the kicks of Vanessa and Lucilia, the team opened 7x0 in the first half. Despite the strong marking of the English at the beginning of the match, the girls of Brazil had tranquillity to run the ball on the court and maintain their dominance of the game. In the second half, with the retreat of the British defence, Brazil increased the pressure on its opponent and closed the by scoring another five goals.


FRA – RUS: 1-3

A very important game for the French team if they want to clinch the teams with three points already. The French had advantage starting the game however it was the Russian team which opened the score after thirty seconds of the game. The French played well offensively but was less effective and had difficulties to score a goal. On the other hand the Russians scored their second goal by a precise shot from the long distance. The second half had a similar scenario, except that the French team scored one goal and put all effort to the offence with a lot of opportunities, but the Russian goalkeeper stood firm. Two minutes before the final whistle the Russians had a chance to score a goal from the ten meters free kick point. The French goalie stopped the first attempt but was not able to cover the immediate rebound. 3:1 as final score moved Russia to third place after the third day in the women’s competition.


Ranking after 3rd Day

              Match       Pts.  Score      Goal Dif.

1. BRA       3             9       50:2           48

2. POR       3              9      30:4            26

3. RUS        3              6       8:5              3

4. GBR        3              3     13:19          -6                  

5. FRA        3             0       5:19          -14

6. SRB       3              0      3:55           -52

Daily Results also on the web page: http://www.nsfutsal2010.com/



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