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15 December 2013 | in Winter Universiade, Free Style Skiing

The low Country represented at the Skicross Final

 TRENTO- It is rare that a representative of a low country like Belgium, can be found in the final of a sport typically reserved for countries that have a tradition in mountainous snow sports. That is what happened today in the women's ski cross final. Lyske Bruyninckx clung on and had all her chances against the other three Russian competitors in the final, unfortunately a small mistake at the beginning removed her hope for a medal. It is nevertheless a good result for this 20-year old athlete who still can improve a lot. "It is not always easy for Belgian teachers to understand that skiing is something very serious to me, especially when some think I 'm just having fun and a good time. I actually have an agreement with my school. I study music management at PXL Hasselt and the school gave me a special status that allows me to leave for practice and better spread my exams. Of course it is not possible for me to train in Belgium. This is why I attend workouts with a private French team five months a year. Thanks to my special status at school I manage and I 'm already halfway my studies. It is not always easy but I am very motivated by my good grades and sports results. In any case, I love the atmosphere of this Universiade and I do not regret the sacrifices when I can participate in this kind of competitions. "

Yvan Dufour

Lyske Bruyninckx from Belgium with here mother and main sponsor