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09 August 2018 | in Forum

Krasnoyarsk meets the world at FISU Forum Fair

The loveable Winter Universiade mascot U-Laika posing for photos with Forum participants

KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION – Combine an enthusiastic singing and dancing performance from Israel with the taste of Australia’s favorite sandwich spread, a Muaythai show fight and British Universities & Colleges Sport University representatives putting fancy stickers on everyone that passes by their booth. What you’ll get is the Forum Fair, a characteristic event placed within the schedule of each FISU Forum. This year’s edition on day four in the heart of Siberia with presentations like those mentioned above amongst many others was nothing short of another highlight of the five-day educational event in the future Winter Universiade host city.


At the Siberian Federal University’s Congress Hall, all delegations arranged their own exhibition location in a wooden booth to demonstrate their national federation’s structure, promote future FISU events they are hosting and display cultural and culinary aspects of their country. 

Participants dancing at the FISU Fair
Participants enjoyed the great variety offered to them at the Fair: “I liked the diversity of cultures and people. I tried chocolate from Taiwan and some Hungarian snacks, my friends tried some herb liqueur from Germany”, said student-fencer Kanyapat Meechai from Thailand.


After strolling through the corridors of the venue, spirit and food tastings participants once again met in the center of the Congress Hall for short cultural presentations. After anchoring a show fight held by two of her fellow students, Meechai said, “I am really proud that we were able to present our traditional sport and typical costumes.”


Prior to the Fair, of course, there was another day full of plenary sessions and workshops focusing on the Forum’s sub-theme of Dual Career. Two-time Olympic champion and former artistic gymnast Svetlana Khorkina gave a lecture on the importance of getting additional education for athletes and being flexible in the professional sphere.

Laura Capranica and Andrew Guy Taylor lecturing on the virtues of dual career student-athletes  

Prof. Dr. Laura Capranica, President of the European Athlete as Student Network (EAS), critisised the lack of awareness amongst students when it comes to programmes that can help them to realise their potential when retired. The growing popularity of such programmes is significant not only for athletes who retire from sports, but also for young athletes who still decide on their vocation, she said.


Andrew Guy Taylor, National Director of the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) from the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, in his presentation stressed that scholarship support systems motivate young athletes to achieve success not only in sports, but also in other professional spheres. “We pay special attention to those who have already distinguished themselves in something, for instance, study well,” said Taylor. “At the same time, students who are involved in work on extracurricular projects do not fall out of the educational process, but, on the contrary, try harder to acquire knowledge and find new applications for their talents.”


Distinguishing themselves in studying and acquiring knowledge - both descriptions that fit well with the participants of this year’s FISU Forum.