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30 March 2012 | in Forum

2012 FISU Forum: Upcoming WUC’s attend the FISU Forum

TAIPEI CITY On occasion of the 11th FISU Forum being held in Taipei City, various organisers of World University Championships (WUC) to promote their events in 2012. No less than 8 organising committee’s from four countries were in attendance at the event in Taipei, with a further 11 having the respective NUSF present.

France will host three WUC this year: Bridge in Reims (10 to 15 July), Match Racing in Nice (3 to 8 September) and Rugby Sevens in Brive-la-Gaillard (11 to 13 July).


France will host Bridge, Match Racing and Rugby Sevens

Delegates from Portugal also made sure to pass on information of their two WUC: Futsal in Braga (18 to 25 August) and Chess in Guimarães (19 to 26 August).


Chess and Futsal will be in Portugal

The organisers of the 12th FISU Forum in 2014 will later this year host the Badminton WUC in Gwangju, Korea (6 to 11 November).


Delegates from Gwangju that will host the WUC Badminton

The final representatives present were those of the Spanish WUC’s for Archery in Córdoba (4 to 7 July) and Orienteering in Alicante (2 to 6 July). The 2012 EUSA Games that will be also be staged in Córdoba were also promoted by the Spanish delegation.

Representatives of the WUC’s in Beach Volleyball (Maceió, Brazil), Cross Country (Lodz, Polan), Equestrian (Aachen, Germany), Handball (Blumenau, Brazil), Netball (Cape Town, South Africa), Long Track Speed Skating (Zakopane, Poland), Wrestling (Kuortane, Finland) and Rowing, Sport Shooting and Canoe Sprint (Kazan, Russian Federation) also attended the FISU Forum and were at hand for any information necessary.

 The Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation (CTUSF) will organize, in addition to the FISU Forum, the WUC Baseball in Taoyuan (13 to 22 July) and Triathlon in Yilan County (29 and 30 June).



(Source: Paulo Ferreira, WUC Executive Assistant)