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30 March 2012 | in Forum

2012 FISU Forum: Give it a Go sport programme and Forum Fair

Forum Fair overview

TAIPEI CITY– The afternoon session of day 5 at the 11th FISU Forum in Taipei City was, to many participants, the highlight of the event. The two activities that were on the schedule looked to change the environment a bit and looked to generate a interaction and a pleasant afternoon both within the sports activities and the fair. 

CESU Chair Ms Odell trying out archery

With everything being set at the Taipei Physical Education College (TPEC), the first half of the afternoon was fully booked for sports. With both FISU partner ISF present at the FISU Forum taking centre stage, the archery and badminton were hugely popular, with all participants curious to try both these sports and see how they performed. Local coaches and athletes were present to assist in the activities, as well as advise on best techniques.

Basketball bringing all participants together

The FISU Forum OC together with TPEC also provided other sports activities, namely football fields and basketball courts, all widely popular as the afternoon progressed. Local TPEC teams joined in the games and played against teams of Forum participants, with fair play and friendship being the underlining aims.

The second half of the afternoon was taken up by the FISU Forum FAIR. This activity was designed to allow each and every attending National University Sport Federation (NU SF) to present itself and its activities with regards to university sport in their country. Various groups presented cultural performances, such as dancing, singing and other entertaining shows.

 Delegation at the Forum Fair

The Forum Fair was designed to be an opportunity to exchange ideas, to learn about other participating NUSF’s culture and sport activities, all within an area designed to promote interaction, exchange and networking.  



(Source: Paulo Ferreira, WUC Executive Assistant)

Fair info booth 


EC member Mrs Kabenge sided by representatives from South Africa after the sports session