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23 July 2014 | in FISU World University Championships, Futsal

14th WUC Futsal: Russia beats Brazil in Men’s Final



ANTEQUERA - Russia won the final in the men's tournament of the 14th World University Futsal Championship, winning against Brazil (8-5). Early in the game, you could feel the tension between the two teams and many mistakes were caused by both sides. While each team had already created several opportunities, it is ultimately Team Brazil that would open the scoring in the fifth minute following a free kick for a foul whistled on the Russian goaltender. Gustavo Rodrigues did not hesitate and scored the first goal. Russia then took control of the game and procured several chances but failed to convert. A few minutes later, a scuffle broke out early due to a contact between a Brazilian player and a Russian player. The referee therefore decided to expel one of the players of the Russian team, which played in minority, 4 Russians vs. 5 Brazilian players. Brazil did not take long to collect on this numerical advantage and it is again Gustavo Rodrigues, who scored the second goal of the Seleção (10 '). Three minutes later, the Russian Andrei Zabolonkov allowed his team to close the gap after a superb combination. And it is 2-1 when both teams return to the dressing room at half time. The second half was then a festival of goals. Indeed, after a minute, Brazil scored a third goal following a superb solo from # 11 Felipe Santos Costa. Despite two goals down, Russia was not going to give up and even reacted the most beautiful way, scoring 3 goals in 4 minutes via Zabolonkov, Abramov (penalty) and Tsay. The rest of the match would be punctuated by many Brazilian faults and, as the Brazilian team quickly totaled five unforced errors, each additional direct misconduct Brazil turned into a direct free kick from 9 meters to the advantage of Russia . Russia won 5 free kicks and manages to score 3, including a magnificent panenka by Andrey Batyrev and two shots by captain Abramov (7-3). Russia then quietly contented to manage the end of the match and won the encounter with a final score of 8-5.
Sergei Abramov, author of three goals and two assists, was logically named Man of the Match. Note also the magnificent performance of the Russians Zabolonkov and Tsay, both authors of a double and Brazilians Gustavo Rodrigues and Gabriel Rodrigues, who were the two best players on their team in the final.

Men's Medal Podium

Bronze Medal

The match for the bronze medal opposed Iran and Belarus. It was a beautiful game with two very talented teams. At the end of regulation time, the teams were still back-to-back (3-3) and so it was the ruthless shoot on goal that would separate the two teams. After a long series of penalty kicks on goal, it is ultimately the 10th player from Belarus who succeeded his shot on goal collecting at the same time the bronze medal for his country.

Medal and Closing Ceremony

The last match of the Championship was directly followed by the medal awarding ceremony and the Closing Ceremony. Once the championship officially closed, the FISU Flag was presented to Kenny Chow, EC member of FISU, who, in turn, delivered it to Jose Roberto Athayde, from the Brazilian University of Goiás and a representative of the Organising Committee of the next World University Futsal Championship to be held in Goiana (Brazil), in 2016.


You can read the final newsletter here.

(Source: David Vandenplas, FISU Media)