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16 June 2014 | in FISU World University Championships, Taekwondo

13th WUC Taekwondo: Final Update


HOHHOT - On 13 June, the individual competition preliminaries, semi-finals and final of the men’s 87kg, 63kg and women’s 73kg, 53kg of the 13th WUC Taekwondo took place.

In the men’s 87kg, Cao Yongwan from Korea won the gold medal leaving the silver to Ji Haibo from China whereas Lucas Ferreira De Oliveira from Brazil and Avit Puisalee from Thailand won the bronze medal.

American Jacqueline Galloway dominated the women’s 73kg category. Silver went to Chen Yanyu from Chinese Taipei. The bronze medallists were Wonjin Lee from Korea and Maeva Mellier from France.

Korea and Egypt delivered a very exciting game in the men’s 63kg. After three rounds of competition, Kim Minsung from Korea beat Aly Youssef to the gold. Bronze went to Sornsart Poolpong from Thailand and Chase Graham from USA.

Chinese Taipei and Thailand gave the audience an exciting fight in the women’s 53kg final. After a tie (5:5), the two contestants continued an exhausting fight during the 2 minutes extra-round, and at last, Huang Yunwen from Chinese Taipei got her gold medal performing a wonderful kick. The silver medallist was Sarita Phongsri from Thailand, while the bronze medallists were Janike Lai from Norway and Snastasila Lozhkina from Russia.

June 14 marked the last day of competitions. Men’s Kyorugi Team 54kg, 54-63kg, 63-72kg, 72-82kg and +82kg and women’s Kyorugi Team 47kg, 47-54kg, 54-61kg, 61-68kg and +68kg were decided.

Korea won the final in the Men’s Kyorugi Team competition, Brazil got the silver while Thailand and USA were tied for the bronze medal.

As for the Women’s Kyorugi Team competition, Thailand took the gold medal over a 6-5 win against Korea. Turkey and Brazil were tied for the bronze medal.


(Source: WUCOC)