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14 March 2017 | in FISU Webgames

LAUSANNE - FISU is proud to announce the launch of the FISU WEB GAMES, an innovate proposal for engaging the university youth through international online competitions and contests, promoting Sport, Knowledge, Entertainment, Education, Art and Culture worldwide. This project is now becoming reality after years of close cooperation with the company Virtual Promotion.

The FISU WEB GAMES program will cover 3 areas of activity: E-Sports competitions, using games recognized and most played by youth, and university challenges and knowledge games to stimulate the arts and culture productions and the development of innovative products and services toward local and global community benefits.

E-Sports is one of the major growth market in the world. Recent studies points that its potential is comparable to many traditional sports embracing large audiences, big sponsors and interesting demographics and it is the ultimate form of entertainment for young people. Looking forward to it, FISU understood that university competitions should also hold new modalities and categories imbedding online environments and reaching a new branch of students.

The FISU E-Sports World University League will gather major games companies and its subscribers for joint annual competitions. The participation will be open for all university and college students by subscribing to the FISU WEB GAMES. The first round of qualifying competitions will be online, in a safe and audited platform, powered by experienced games management partners. The final competition will take place in face-to-face events. All games will be played simultaneously, assembling finalists in thrill battles to be watched live in the arenas or by broadcast outlets.

The FISU E-Sports World University League subscription is now open!

Fine arts, music, dance, movies making or any other talent will be discovered and stimulated by FISU Global University Contests, gathered in a single platform, built to show case the best university artistic performances. And the FISU Knowledge Games will be a tool to stimulate the launch of new products, ideas and solutions in any field of interest. Both projects are under planning and will be detailed to all FISU members later this year.

Please reach the latest information on the official website www.fisuwebgames.com and explore and share our social media channels @fisuwebgames.