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12 September 2023 | in FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy

2023-2024 FISU Student Ambassadors Programme now underway with conclusion of FVLA

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Part two of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy wrapped up 9 September after three days of presentations, discussion, and idea sharing. Participants learned more about FISU, volunteer management, leadership, as well as the FISU Student Ambassadors Programme.


The opening day kicked off with FISU Acting President Leonz Eder opening this edition of the FVLA. In doing so, he provided these remarks, “You have all been chosen by your national or continental university sports federation to be a part of this great programme and I wish you the best of luck in accomplishment of your future missions. I know you will play an important role in the development of university sport in the future.” FISU Secretary General and CEO Eric Saintrond then followed with a question and answer session facilitated by FISU Education Manager Julien Buhajezuk. This provided participants greater insights to FISU’s ongoing work and its plans for its future events and of university sport. Additionally, an introduction to the work done at the National University Sports Federation (NUSF) and Continental University Sports Federation (CUSF) levels was delivered as was an overview of the Chengdu FISU World University Games.


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Participants heard an introduction and outline of FISU’s brand and communications to start day two. This provided a glimpse into the marketing, media, and messaging efforts that FISU uses to promote and position the organization, as well as university sport, around the world. FISU World University Championships and World Cups Sport Manager Alejandro Guerra spoke about the upcoming season of FISU Championships and Cups, while providing attendees a breakdown of the operation of those events. Acting Secretary General of the Nigerian University Games Association gave her insights to the development of leadership, pertinent to this new generation of leaders in the incoming FISU Student Ambassadors.


The final day provided participants further details and information about FISU events and opportunities student ambassadors can be aware of as they embark on their year. To additionally support their planning and their work, sessions on volunteer management and personal brand were also delivered. Providing participants a greater understanding about the importance of volunteers and how to engage and work offered valuable insights about this key aspect of sport events and management. FVLA alumni Nouf Al Katheeri and Ahmed Basyouni  spoke about the importance of personal brand which enabled attendees to better understand their own promotion and development as they build relationships and start to map out career paths.


Each day also included sessions providing greater details about the FISU Student Ambassadors Programme, focused on tips and ideas for the creation and planning of their respective projects. New ambassadors will now begin preparing their own projects to deliver over the coming year. These are meant to help grow university sport in their country or region.


With the conclusion of FVLA, the 2023-24 season of the FISU Student Ambassadors Programme is underway. Among many other programme aspects, including the ambassador projects, cultural and educational webinars will follow over the coming year, along with participation in such FISU events as the International Day of University Sport, later in September.


Written by Doug McLean