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11 July 2020 | in NUSF News, FISU Student Ambassadors

With a 70-year history behind it, CUSI looks to the future

The Italian University Sports Center (CUSI), was founded in Padova on 22 March 1946, making it one of the oldest National University Sports Federations. Among the most important figures who were instrumental in the creation of CUSI, were Emanuele Scarpiello and Primo Nebiolo.

Italia CONI 2 

“CUSI history has always fascinated me, and its 70 years of activity make it unique and special,” said current CUSI President Antonio Dima to FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy participant Leonardo Coiana.


Dima also explained how in 1948, CUSI represented by Nebiolo and Scarpiello, came together with Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, to establish the International University Sports Federation (FISU).


Italia CONI 4CUSI President Antonio Dima (extreme right)“We continue our activities 70 years later and today, our association is recognised by the Italian National Olympic Committee,” continued Dima.


The CUSI President mentioned that currently, CUSI involves around 250,000 students per year, from approximately 90 different universities across Italy. Also affiliated are 50 CUS, or University Sports Centres, throughout Italy.


“Via these local centres, it is possible to promote our campaigns, which helps to reach a significant number of students,” Dima said. “In Italy, there is a law which states that the Italian government takes care of financial support for university sports activities. This important factor allows us to manage and offer the best sports facilities in Italy.”


In conformity with this law, there is a Sports Committee (CSU) at each University that is formed by the University Rector, two Student Representatives, the University Administrative Director, and two University Sports Representatives. 


“Although the Sports Committee meets both the students’ and the Universities’ interests, it is really useful for us too, in order to know students’ interests regarding sports in general,” said Dima.


Italia CONI 3“We encourage students to take part in our events and activities by spreading the news through these local centres and also social media,” added Dima.


Speaking of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Dima said “Given the dramatic situation that all of us are facing now, it is hard to have concrete plans for the upcoming future.”


“This epidemic situation has taught us that it is necessary to know the past to understand the present and plan for the future.”


“Despite this situation, we are still planning to organise a Winter Universiade in Northern Italy, and we are focusing on being present at international events such as the FISU World University Championships.”


“The year 2019 with the Summer Universiade in Napoli, gave us the confidence to continue hosting important events. After the success of the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade, we are ready to do our best again, hopefully as soon as possible.”


“Napoli 2019 combined sport, art, culture, music, and a lot of delicious food!” he added, reflecting back on last summer’s event.


By: Leonardo Coiana