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30 May 2013 | in FISU


Angela Merkel

BERLIN - On 29 May, in Berlin, the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angela Merkel declared opened the General Assembly of the 5th International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS V).

More than 500 delegates representing member states, international sports federations, the Council of Europe and universities met to adopt a new resolution on sport and physical education. For one year, experts have worked on three main topics to prepare the Berlin Declaration. The three expert groups that summarised their works on 28 May worked on the following topics:Paul Wedeleit, Alison Odell & Nico Sperle

- Access to Sport as a Fundamental Right for All

  + Access of women and girls;

  + Inclusion of persons with disabilities.

- Promoting Investment in Sport and Physical Education Programmes

  + Promoting quality physical education;

  + Sport mega events and their sustainability.

- Preserving the Integrity of Sport

  + Commitment to the values of sport and the fight against match fixing, illegal betting, doping and corruption in sport.

FISU was represented by Alison Odell, FISU 1st Assessor and Chair of the Education Committee, and Kole Gjeloshaj, Director for Education. Amongst the delegates were some members of the FISU Family like Nico Sperle, the Vice-Chair of the FISU Education Committee who was in attendance in his capacity of President of the German University Sports Federation (ADH). ADH Secretary-General Paul Wedeleit was also present.

For more information: http://www.mineps2013.de.


(Source: Kolë Gjeloshaj, Director for Education)

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