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29 March 2021 | in FISU Healthy Campus

Peking University’s Platinum FISU Healthy Campus certification kick starts long-term health and wellbeing on campus

Almost one year after the FISU Healthy Campus launch, the programme has already reached 66 universities spread across 35 countries— also reaching 2.5 million students globally. The number of certifications continues to grow and includes six platinum, one gold, two silver, one bronze and two certified FISU Healthy Campus universities.


Reaching the top platinum certification requires much planning and dedication, but FISU Healthy Campus Project Coordinator from Peking University, Ms. Zhonghui He, explained what it took for their university to obtain this level of certification.


When asked about the main outcome of the programme for Peking University, Ms. Zhonghui He mentioned that integrating their previous work and putting it into the 100 criteria for the FISU Healthy Campus standard was key.


“The thing we benefit from of the FISU Healthy Campus programme directly is that by referring to the 100 criteria in the FISU Healthy Campus standard closely and sorting out the university’s previous work relevant to building a ‘healthy campus,’ we’re able to integrate the comparatively fragmental work of the past into this systematic framework,” she said. “To implement the programme on our campus, we have a chance to examine our achievements and the blind spots under the seven domains of the FISU Healthy Campus, review the results and analyse the experience in our previous work of building a healthy campus”.


Peking University also checked off 98 out of the 100 criteria leading to the high level of certification, but also recognises that the work must carry on even after the certification through investments and constant improvements.


“We will achieve our goals in practical work and keep improving. In particular, we will continue the work of the FISU Healthy Campus programme in the future because it is significant to the building of a ‘healthy campus’ and wellbeing of the campus community”.  


Being a FISU Healthy Campus certified university also comes with more than just a title. As Zhonghui He explains, the programme has created a holistic view of wellbeing through cooperation throughout the university as a whole.


“The ‘cross-sector action and management mechanism’ we proposed is an effective strategy that originated within the innovative implementation of the FISU Healthy Campus programme at Peking University. Hence, our experience through the certification process is strong evidence that the programme is a tool to create a global strategy inside the university and develops the cooperation between different departments internally”.


Giving advice to universities who are thinking about the certification, Zhonghui He also explained the work that goes into implementing and maintaining the programme.


“I think the work process is standardised and makes practical sense for a university to implement the programme on campus. The FISU Healthy Campus platform and network makes a perfect opportunity for universities to share knowledge on promoting the health and wellbeing of their students and staff if the outcomes can be made known to more and more people,” she explained.


For Peking University, it has been quite the journey to get to this stage of certification and achieving 98% of the criteria of the FISU Healthy Campus standard is a large achievement for any university. Not only has Peking University obtained this label, but they have committed to using the FISU Healthy Campus programme to kick start health and wellbeing on their university campus for years to come.


Photos courtesy of Peking University