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08 February 2015 | in Winter Universiade, Figure Skating

Nothing Will Break Lithuania Skater’s Spirits



GRANADA - Nineteen-year-old Inga Januleviciute will stop at nothing to achieve her goals in figure skating.

The Lithuanian Sports University student has overcome her share of obstacles just to qualify for the 27th Winter Universiade in Granada, Spain.

“[A few years ago] I broke my leg,” she said, pointing down to her left leg. “But I was still a kid so it was easy to get back [on to the ice].”

But when Januleviciute eventually got back onto the ice after taking one year off from skating, it only took her one month before she broke another bone.

“I fell and broke my arm,” she said. “But I’m healthy now and I’m happy because of that.”

This Universiade marks the first time Januleviciute has been able to compete on a world stage since her injuries and these Games are only the beginning.

“I may go to Vienna next,” she said.

But for now, Januleviciute is just excited for more Lithuanians to arrive in Granada.

“Tomorrow, Agne Sereikaite will arrive,” she said. “She is kind of famous!”

But she won’t be starstruck for long, because in only a few days Januleviciute will be heading back to school to continue her studies in Coaching Systems.

"I specialize in ground preparations,” she said.

That means Januleviciute will study the art of warming up properly and how to take care of your body; and hopefully how to strengthen your bones!

But for now, the first year student is ready for whatever comes her way next.

“As the wind takes me,” she said.


Kelcey Wright, U-Media Reporter