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22 November 2012 | in FIDSU

FIDSU established in former FISU HQ

LAUSANNE/BRUSSELS – Yesterday, November 21st, 2012, the International Foundation for the Development of University Sport/Fondation Internationale pour le Développement du Sport Universitaire (IFDUS/FIDSU) was established in the Château de la Solitude, the former headquarters of FISU in Brussels, Belgium, in the presence of a notary public.

The memorandum of association was signed by FISU President Claude-Louis Gallien and the other members of the FISU Steering Committee with the proxy of the remaining members of the FISU Executive Committee. The newly established Foundation will be housed in the former FISU offices, since the FISU seat has moved to Lausanne, earlier this year.

The Foundation will be a truly instrument to further develop university sport worldwide to enhance the major FISU sporting events such as the Universiades and the World University Championships.


FISU President Gallien signs the memorandum of association to establish the Foundation

The Foundation activities can be described as follows:

  • promote links and create a synergy between cities hosting events organised by the International University Sports Federation (FISU), association under Swiss jurisdiction, and through this ensure the transfer of knowledge and information between these host cities as well as the ongoing follow-up of the legacy obtained by the members of FISU events in the fields of sport, education, culture, social issues and the economy;

  • to promote the cities that are members of the association among International Sports Federations and organisations associated with FISU, so as to support them in the organisation of international sporting events;

  • to give priority to the cities that are members of the association to organise specific international events such as the electoral FISU General Assembly, the FISU Gala or “city events”;Château de la Solitude, the home of FIDSU

  • to encourage student and teacher exchanges between the universities of the association’s member cities;

  • to encourage cultural exchanges between the cities that are members of the association and give them the opportunity to promote their main cultural events through the FISU network;

  • to award annual rewards and prizes for projects carried out as part of the promotion of education and culture, fair play and peace through university sport and FISU;

  • to collect funds, recruit talent and provide financing for education, research culture, social development and strategic innovation as part of university sport, to offer support in the field of education, training and employment to student athletes;

  • to provide advice and suggestions concerning the development of university sport and FISU;

  • to raise awareness about FISU and its activities so as to improve its reputation throughout the world and strengthen its influence.


C. Pierre, Press Officer