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26 January 2017 | in FISU, Executive Committee Meeting

FISU Executive Meeting in Almaty – Day 1



ALMATY – Today, 26 January, the FISU Executive Committee started its 2-day meeting prior to the Winter Universiade in host city Almaty, Kazakhstan.

FISU President Oleg Matytsin welcomed all Executive Committee members and presented his report to the EC. He reminded the EC members of the important signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Olympic Committee and added that FISU has secured the option of concluding an agreement with the Association of National Olympic Committees. “ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah’s positive response to our approach opens the opportunity of working together with this respected organisation. The work on an agreement with ANOC can be expected to start immediately after the Universiade. We believe this cooperation will result in a better recognition for many National University Sports Federations, which currently do not enjoy a very significant status in their countries. This step represents a real and very positive benefit for many in the FISU Family”, the President said.

President Matytsin also announced a new project. “We at FISU should constantly review our education events and make changes wherever appropriate. Furthermore, an important step in this direction can be made by launching the International Volunteers Academy in Kazan. This project will mean that 170 student delegates are not just acquainted with the best practices of organising volunteers’ work, but will also learn about FISU and its activities. Thus, the student delegates will become our envoys to their respective universities.”

Referring to the McLaren report the FISU President was very clear. “Recently, FISU has attracted attention after being referenced in the second part of the McLaren report. There can be no doubt that FISU is blameless for any possible breach of anti-doping rules. FISU has been cooperating with WADA and following its regulations since the creation of the WADA Code. And that close cooperation is continuing with our follow-up on the McLaren report. We should make every effort, meanwhile, to ensure that we actively contribute to anti-doping measures by promoting the textbook we created in partnership with WADA through the network of our partner universities.”

FISU President Matytsin

“Organisations like ours tend to be judged disproportionately by the success of their most recent events. This year we will have our two biggest competitions, with Almaty and Taipei. We should never take for granted the success of the Universiade. I would like to recognise in particular the hard work of FISU’s staff as well as your own commitment to the success of this Universiade. We have some long and busy days ahead and I look forward to your collaboration”, the President ended his report.

Next, FISU Treasurer Bayasgalan Danzandorj presented his report reflecting the financial healthy situation of the organisation.

The morning session ended with the extensive report of the FISU Secretary General/CEO Eric Saintrond. The SG/CEO gave an update on the ongoing construction of the new Headquarters in Lausanne. Mr. Saintrond continued with an overview of a number of points of interest for the upcoming Universiades and he explained the procedure for the attribution of the future Universiades. He mentioned the preparation of a uniform guideline for the national delegations participating at FISU events. These guidelines are scheduled for 2019. He also announced FISU is looking for new hosts for the World University League of Basketball 3X3 for 2018-2019-2020 and ended his report with some information regarding the FISU Gala and FISU Awards while also giving an overview of the dates for next EC meetings. The SG/CEO also reminded the EC members of the FISU Webgames and gave the floor to the delegates of Virtual Promotions to inform the EC members about the E-Sports World University League.

The delegates of Virtual Promotion

The afternoon session started with the internal report chaired by Marian Dymalski, regarding the preparations of the 28th Winter Universiade in Almaty, which was followed by the progress report of the Organising Committee. “With hosting the Winter Universiade in Almaty we set an ambitious goal and FISU assisted us”, General Director Nail Nurov said. “Two ice arenas were built and all sport venues were renovated, while the newly constructed Athletes’ Village will become a housing project. A great legacy for the city.” Mr. Nurov summed up the latest developments of the last two weeks: the Accreditation centres have been opened, the Torch Relay was launched in the capital of the Kazakhstan, the Athletes' Village officially opened, and the transportation infrastructure was fully prepared for operations. The sports department corrected the layouts for each venue. A constant interaction took place with the NUSFs and ITOs concerning participation in Universiade. The Day by Day schedule and the Daily Run Sheet schedule for each sport were finalized and a number of test events were conducted while the technical handbooks for each sport were completed and distributed to the client groups. The Main Operation Centre and Sports Command Centre were established at ISJC ‘Sunkar’. A total of 519 vehicles are at the disposal of the participants. 3,000 volunteers will be involved in the 33 functional areas of the Winter Universiade, with 255 attachés, 150 for FISU Family and 105 for the NUSFs. FISU President thanked Mr. Nurov and his staff for all the work done and wished them excellent Games.

EC member and Kazakh NUSF President Kayrat Zakiryanov followed with an update on the preparations of the Winter Conference which will take place during the Winter Universiade.

Signing of a MOU between FISU, AUSF & FISU Oceania

After the coffee break the floor was given to the Development Committee, chaired by Leonz Eder. The Committee has received new requests for membership, i.e. Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Andorra, Guinea Bissau, Mauritius, Monaco, Sao Tome y Principe, Qatar, Laos, Benin and Solomon Islands. A SWOT analysis with a view to determine the effectiveness of our Continental  Federations (CUSF) in guiding individual Federations (NUSF) in promoting the values of FISU, enhancing brand FISU while improving the administrative capabilities of individual NUSF was commissioned. Development also monitored the 1st FISU-CUSF Strategic Dialogue on 22 November, 2016 in Xiamen (CHN). The implementation of the Strategic Dialogue for FASU and FISU America are planned in 2017. At the end of the report, a MOU was signed between FISU – FISU Oceania – AUSF.

Verena Burk & Dejan Susovic

The session of the first day ended with the report of the Media & Communication Committee. Verena Burk, Chair of the CMC, informed the EC about the revamped website and the Young Reporters’ Programme at the 2017 Summer Universiade while COO Dejan Susovicgave an update on the broadcasting for the WU in Almaty. Besides the livestreaming on the FISU website, the Games will be broadcast on Eurosport, Eurosport Asian-Pacific platform, CCTV China, MatchTV, and on local national TV stations "Kazakhstan", "Kazsport" and “Khabar”.


C. Pierre, FISU Press Officer