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04 August 2020 | in Education

Focus on the FISU World Forum during Education Committee’s annual meeting

With the FISU World Forum slated to be held digitally this year due to the current global pandemic, the FISU Education Committee was also unable to hold its annual meeting in person. This did not prevent the meeting from taking place however, through video conference, with members joining from around the world to discuss the most recent updates in all FISU educational activities.

EduC Meeting

The EduC members discussed the success of the first edition of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy (FVLA) hosted in June, which ended up being the first-ever FISU event to be held entirely online. The second part of FVLA 2020 will be held from 4-6 September.


FISU WOrld FOrum Bulletin CoverAnother event that was at the centre of the exchanges, was the 2020 FISU World Forum which will be held digitally for the first time, from 12 to 14 August.   


“It is important for FISU to have such programmes that contribute to the education and growth of students who will become leaders of the University Sports Movement. Of course, hosting these events digitally is a challenge, but it also forces all of us to adapt and to be resilient in these difficult times,” said Verena Burk, FISU senior Executive Committee member and chair of the FISU Education Committee.


This meeting was also an occasion to look ahead and to report on the numerous educational activities planned in the coming months, including the FISU World Conference in Lucerne, and other educational activities during the FISU World University Games that will be held in Chengdu in 2021, and Lake Placid and Ekaterinburg in 2023.


These projects revolve around dual career, academic research and other activities to be held during the FISU World University Games. “It is very positive for us to see that we have such an active committee with motivated members. It shows the work FISU does in terms of education along its core events,” said Lilia Barieva, Director of Education & Development.


The Committee’s efforts are now focused on the FISU World Forum coming up soon and the second session of the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy in September.