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24 March 2017 | in CUSF News

3rd Board Meeting of AUSF Education & Development Center


BEIJINGThe 3rd Board Meeting of the AUSF Education & Development Center (AUSF EDC) was convened on 22 March 2017 at the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (CUPES) in Beijing, China. The board meeting has been scheduled once year since 2014 when the AUSF EDC was established. The meeting was attended by Mr. TSENG Ching-yu, AUSF Vice-President and Chair of AUSF Education Committee, Mr. SEETOW Cheng Fave, AUSF Treasurer, Mr. ZHONG Bingshu, Vice Chair of AUSF Education Committee and President of CUPES, Mrs. XIE Jun, Vice President of CUPES and Director of AUSF EDC, Mr. LU Weiping, Deputy Director of AUSF EDC, Mrs. Laura YAN, AUSF General Coordinator, etc.


The meeting started with the welcome address from Mr. TSENT Ching-yu, who highly praised the contribution of the CUPES for the development of university sports in Asia, especially in field of education and development, which played the role of think tank. As the host, Mr. ZHONG Bingshu delivered a welcome speech, by briefly introducing the university and reiterating that CUPES and AUSF EDC would strive to fulfill its role and responsibility for AUSF. Mrs. XIE Jun, on behalf of the AUSF EDC, made a short report on the activities in 2016. She said she would lead the center to be more and more active and to work on the establishment of regulations for AUSF Education programs.


There were 3 major topics discussed during the meeting. Firstly, it was on FISU-CUSF Strategic Dialogue 2016, which was one of the core educational projects of AUSF and fully supported by FISU. This event will be held in the even-numbered year, together with the General Assembly. The second edition will be held in 2018. A video clip was shown and the final report was made by Laura YAN. The meeting fully evaluated the jobs done during the dialogue. As approved, the bidding for next edition will be sent out soon to all the members.


Secondly, the issues on the FISU-NUSF Seminar (Seminar for short) 2017 were fully discussed, which is the second core product of AUSF educational projects. It will be held in the odd-numbered year. This year, the Seminar will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia from 9-15 December, which was also the first joint program held by AUSF and FISU-Oceania since the MOU was signed between the two parties. The theme of the Seminar, duration, participants and lectures were fully discussed and fixed.


The third topic was on the educational project during the Championships. In the hope to enrich the programs during the championships, AUSF would like to host a workshop for coaches and referees. It will last for half or one day. The participants are officials, coaches or referees of the participating teams and of the local universities. This initiative will be tested during the Futsal and Cheerleading Championship to be held from 16 – 26 Sep. 2016 in Yinchuan, China. In the following, the AUSF EDC will work on the regulations of the Workshop, in the hope to better supervise such programs.


The bidding of AUSF educational projects 2018 and later will be open soon. For more information, please keep on visiting www.ausf.org.


(Source: AUSF Secretariat)