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21 March 2014 | in World University Championships, Cross-Country

2014 WUC Cross Country: The Officials Race

ENTEBBE - On the eve of the first World University Championship for 2014, the team officials competed on the Entebbe golf course where the 15 km race track for the WUC was laid out for the occasion of the event.

It was Canadian Coach Christopher Moulton who won the race beating Swiss Coach Beat Berger and the Head of Delegation of Rawanda Etienne Turikumana.

If this race will reflect the results of races on Saturday, no one can say, however it is once again proof of the success of this championship since three continents share the podium.

To conclude the evening, a dinner hosted by the Mayor of Entebbe was held at the Aero-Beach before the athletes returned to the hotel to prepare for the big day, which cab be followed on our website and via our social networks.


(Julien Buhajezuk, WUC Executive Assistant)