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10 March 2019 | in Biathlon

Norway, Belarus and Czech Republic on Biathlon podium

The Biathlon competitions of the 29th Winter Universiade concluded at the Biathlon Academy Multifunctional Complex with the men’s Mass Start race. Espen Uldal from Norway won the gold medal, while in the women’s event, Ekaterina Moshkova won her third gold medal of Krasnoyarsk 2019

 KRASNOYASK, 10 March – The men's Mass Start race started with a bolt of energy. The leading group broke away almost immediately and remained in front during the first lap, as many athletes passed the first shooting range without any misses.


On the second shooting range, however, the leaders of the race started missing targets. Espen Uldal from Norway who shot all the targets accurately then became the leader, half a minute ahead of Maksim Varabei from Belarus. David Tolar from the Czech Republic and another Norwegian Torstein Opsahl were close on their heels.


The final shooting range was the decisive one for the medals. The Norwegian was shooting fast and missed one target, while his rival ended up missing two shots. Their pursuers were also missing the targets. Before the last lap, the final leading group was formed, with Uldal first, Varabei behind by 30 seconds and Adam Vaclavek of the Czech Republic 60 seconds behind the leader. This is how it remained until they crossed the finish line.


Espen Uldal could not restrain his emotions after the finish. “This is the best race of my life!” he said. “The best experience I've ever had! My opponent from Belarus was moving very quickly. But, fortunately, I had wonderful skis that helped me. The course is very difficult, there are almost no slopes, only climbs. So, I had to work hard.”


Maksim Varabei was also pleased with the silver medal. “This is the final race of the season. I was at my best,” he said. “Of course, I did not have enough strength for the last line, but I am very pleased with my result.”


The women’s Mass Start race was an emotional one as Ekaterina Moshkova won and became a three-time champion of the Winter Universiade 2019.


In the first round itself, six Russian biathletes broke away from the rest of the group. Three of them, including Moshkova, Tamara Voronina and Elizaveta Kaplina, managed to complete the first shooting range without any mistakes.


The intrigue only escalated after the first standing position – Kaplina got two extra laps, while Moshkova and Voronina had to go only one additional lap. Natalia Gerbulova and Elena Chirkova did not miss any shots. The gap between the first and the fifth athlete was no more than 40 seconds.


Moshkova took the lead from Kaplina about one kilometre before the finish line. Having got away on the ascent, Moshkova didn’t give way after that and won her third gold medal at the Winter Universiade 2019.


“The race was intense,” said Moshkova after the finish. “Everything was decided at the last shooting range once again, where I missed once, but I managed to close this little gap and win the race.”



Mass Start. Women
  1. Ekaterina Moshkova (RUS)

  2. Elizaveta Kaplina (RUS)

  3. Elena Chirkova (RUS)


Mass Start. Men
  1. Espen Uldal (NOR)

  2. Maksim Varabei (BLR)

  3. Adam Vaclavek (CZE)


Earlier, 9 March

KRASNOYARSK, 9 March – It was another medal for hosts Russia as they took gold in the Single Mixed Relay on a windy day at the Biathlon Academy Multifunctional Complex. The pair of Valeriia Vasnetsova and Aleksandr Dediukhin finished with a total time of 42:53.4 to claim gold.


Czech Republic’s duo Natalie Jurcova and David Tolar quickly followed just 6.5 seconds behind, with their time of 42:59.9 earning them the silver medal. In third, were Marine Challamel and Felix Emile Cottet-Puinel of France, who were some way off the front two but clinched bronze with a total time of 43:45.2.


Gold medalist Aleksandr Dediukhin was thrilled with his effort. “I am really, really pleased with how I did in the last shooting, but at the first stage I was disappointed. There were very strong winds, so it was hard to adjust, especially in the standing shooting.”


For his team mate Valeriia Vasnetsova, it was a more personal affair. “This was a very serious rivalry,” she said. “I’ve known the Czech athlete Natalie (Jurcova) for a long time through junior competition and it’s very difficult to compete with her. It’s difficult to fight against her in shooting, but I’m very glad I did it.”


Silver medalist Tolar had to overcome nerves to finish a close second. “We are really happy and really satisfied with the race today,” he said. “But it was a really hard race due to wind conditions and I didn’t feel in shape because I was really nervous before the start.”


Biathlon competition at the Winter Universiade 2019 concludes with the men’s (13:00 local, GMT +7) and women’s (11:00 local, GMT +7) mass starts on 10 March. Both events will be streamed live on fisu.tv.


Results: Single Mixed Relay






Russian Federation




Czech Republic

Natalie JURCOVA, David TOLAR









Ekaterina Moshkova extends Russia’s golden run with victory in Pursuit


Shooting clean on the final trip to the range saw Ekaterina Moshkova pass and then hold off Irina Kazakevich for the second time in two days as Russian biathletes swept the biathlon podium yet again. Dmitrii Ivanov paced Russia to another 1-2-3 result on the men’s podium, shooting a perfect 20-for-20.

KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, 7 March – Ekaterina Moshkova held off teammate Irina Kazakevich for the second time in two days on home snow for biathlon gold in the Women’s 10km Pursuit competition. Tamara Voronina finished in third to complete Russia’s third consecutive clean sweep of the biathlon medals.


Winning silver sounded as good as gold talking to Kazakevich in the mixed zone: “Everything was perfect here: the track was in excellent condition, tough, there was enough snow, and the skis were chic.”


The pursuit event utilizes a hunting start, as the biathlon sprint winner from the day before starts first, with the rest of the field chasing by an interval determined by how far back they finished the previous race. The first athlete across the finish line wins.


As yesterday’s sprint victor, Moshkova started with a three second advantage over Kazakevich, 25 seconds before Voronina and over a minute ahead of the rest of the field.


Pairing sunny skies with dry, hard-packed snow and a just a light breeze made for fast and stable conditions on the ski tracks and shooting range – and one that favoured the frontrunners.


With clean shooting in the first two stages, Tamara Voronina made a bid for the win before stumbling late. Three late misses on the range added three trips around the 150-metre penalty loop, foiling any chance Voronina had for Winter Universiade gold.


Natalia Gerbulova, winner of the Women’s 15km Individual, posted some of the day’s fastest ski times. Seven misses on the four trips to the range, though, kept her out of medal contention.


In the men’s Pursuit race, Russia’s Dmitrii Ivanov shot clean to his first victory at the Winter Universiade this afternoon at the Biathlon Academy. Ivanov finished in 34:10.7, 14.2 seconds in front of silver medallist Nikita Porshnev. Yesterday’s sprint winner Eduard Latypov, with five penalties, finished in third just over a minute back as the Russian Federation’s run of dominance in biathlon continues.


Beginning with the Pursuit’s hunting start, Latypov started nine seconds up on closest pursuer Ivanov and ten seconds up on Porshnev. After missing one target on the first of four trips through the shooting range, the hunted turned hunter as the clean-shooting duo of Ivanov and Porshnev left together and alternated with the lead for the rest of the race.


On a picture-perfect day that saw capacity crowds enjoying the Siberian sun along the birch tree lined course, it was Ivanov’s marksmanship that made all the difference late into the race. During the final trip through the shooting range Porshnev missed his third target. Firing near simultaneously before then, Ivanov collected himself for a couple seconds before cleanly firing his last two shots to go a perfect 20-for-20 on the day.


Ivanov took a 16 second advantage onto the final course lap, a lead he never relinquished. For Ivanov, who finished seventh in Monday’s individual and second in yesterday’s sprint, today’s effort was also one place better than he achieved in this same race in Almaty two years ago.

“Today I assess the result as one hundred percent,” Ivanov said.  "What can be better than victory and clean shooting at the turn? An important factor is the fans. They are very supportive, giving me a great feeling.  This is my first victory at international competitions, I am very happy about it. In the next race I will fight for a medal too.”


While Russia might have swept the podium, the rest of the world kept them company. 22-year-old Espen Uldal of Norway looked like a contender coming into the day but saw his medal aspirations taking a severe hit with three misses during the first standing shoot. Uldal finished fifth (+2:08.3), nearly catching Maksim Varabei of Belarus down the final finishing straight.


After their performances here, Nikita Porshnev and Edward Latypov will both go to the World Cup. This should open up medal chances for other competitors from other nations. Two-time Olympic champion in biathlon, Yevgeny Ustyugov, who watched the race from the stands, summed up the completed competitions: “It was a good race. The winner of the sprint made a mistake in shooting and gave a chance to his pursuer, who took advantage of them. Today, a small frost and bright sun - such weather always adds to the positive mood of biathlon.”


France’s Felix Emile Cottet-Puinel, who won the bronze in the individual 20 km, had six penalties en route to a 14th place finish (+6:42.1).


After an off day tomorrow, biathlon at the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade continues on Saturday with the single mixed relay, starting at 14:00 local time (+7 GMT). The race will be streamed live at fisu.tv.


Women’s 10km Pursuit results


Ekaterina Moshkova (RUS)

32:59.1 / (3)


Irina Kazakevich (RUS)

+17.4 / (3)


Tamara Voronina (RUS)

+1:05.3 / (3)



Men’s 12.5km Pursuit results


Dmitrii Ivanov (RUS)

34:10.7 / (0)


Nikita Porshnev (RUS)

+14.2 / (2)


Eduard Latypov (RUS)

+1:06.3 / (5)



EARLIER - 6 March, 2019


Latypov and Moshkova fastest as Russia sweep Men’s and Women’s Biathlon Sprint at Winter Universiade 2019


Russian brilliance on both the ski tracks and shooting range prevailed during the second of five biathlon competition days as the host nation goes one-two-three in the men’s and women’s sprint event

KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, 6 March — Clean-shooting by Dmitrii Ivanov of Russia was not quite nearly enough to hold off compatriot Eduard Latypov as Latypov turned his silver medal performance from Monday in the Men’s Individual 20km into gold today at the Biathlon Academy Multifunctional Complex.

Nikita Porshnev, winner in the men’s individual, missed one target in prone and finished with the bronze.


While Russian athletes might have swept the podium, it was clear from the beginning that this outcome was far from a foregone conclusion. Amongst the other medal contenders were Mateusz Janik of Poland and Espen Uldal of Norway, two early leaders.


After the second shooting Ivanov clean shootin in both rounds put him in the lead. Latypov was just 6 seconds behind him and Porshnev only 9 seconds from first. Latypov posted the fastest final lap to the finish en-route to winning by 8 seconds.


“Today I felt better than in the Individual race,” Latypov said after the finish. “The competition in our national team is high. The guys perform well. They show good results and you never know who will win.”

Ivanov continues to collect Universiade silver medals. Two years ago in Kazakhstan he won two silver medals, in both the sprint and pursuit event. In Krasnoyarsk, he continues to add to his collection.


“From the very beginning, the race was quick,” Ivanov said in the mixed zone. "I took a high pace, tried to work to the maximum at the shooting range. In addition, I had a comfortable starting position. The coaches were giving all the information, so I could work out how to run the whole distance better."


Porshnev was making a run for the top of the podium as well until the last kilometer until the individual race winner slowed down a little and finished with the bronze medal.


“It’s hard to say what exactly went wrong today. The strength ran out, and I just had to endure the last minutes,” admitted Porshnev. "I must have started off too quickly again. The distance is quite short, and I was afraid to lose too much time in the first laps.”


In the women’s race, Russia’s Yeketerina Moshkova was joined by two of her teammates – Irina Kazakevich in second and Tamara Voronina in third – as the host nation again swept the podium in the endurance snow sports

Fast skiing prevailed over inconsistent shooting during the women’s sprint competition during the Winter Universiade women’s sprint competition here at the Biathlon Academy Multifunctional Complex.


Yeketerina Moshkova of the Russian Federation’s single misses in both the prone and standing shooting stages was enough to hold off Irina Kazakevich by 2.9 seconds as Kazakevich tallied three penalty loops for her silver medal performance.


After shooting clean in the prone position and hitting her first shot in standing, Moshkova looked poised to ski away with the second women’s biathlon gold medal of this Winter Universiade. Two subsequent misses, though, left the final result entirely in doubt as the Moshkova headed for home with a six second advantage. It proved to be just enough as she held on to the victory by a 2.9 second final advantage over Kazakevich.


"It was harder today than at the last race," Moshkova admitted after the race, adding, “but I won, and I am very pleased. I wish I had shot without a miss."


Kazakevich praised the Russian service team preparing her equipment, saying: "It seemed that today I had the best skis in the world. When I pushed the first time, I didn't even expect such lightness.


Kazakevich added: “And the course itself was in excellent condition, stiff enough".


Bronze medalist Tamara Voronina turned a solid ski performance into a podium position despite missing one target in each of the times through the shooting range.


Natalya Gerbulova, winner of the individual race, found herself on the outside looking in for the medals as she missed four targets today. The Russian Federation rounded out the top six with Valeria Vasnetsova in fifth and Elizaveta Kaplina in sixth.


The performance of the Czech women’s biathletes also stood out as they occupied the next three places after the Russian athletes. Eliška Svobodová was among the leaders after the first shooting, and Barbora Smetanova was the only biathlete to clean all 10 targets.


Sprint Men 

1. Eduart Latypov (RUS) 25.01,2 (2)
2. Dmitry Ivanov (RUS) 25.09.9 (0)
3. Nikita Porshnev (RUS)            25.11.5 (1)



Sprint Women

1. Ekaterina Moshkova (RUS) 22.59,4 (2)
2. Irina Kazakevich (RUS) 23.02,3 (3)
3. Tamara Voronina (RUS)        23.24,1 (2)



EARLIER - 4 March, 2019


Russian biathletes lead the way with top six spots in women's individual race


At the 29th Winter Universiade, the first day of the Biathlon competition saw Frenchman Felix Kotte-Pyunel raise the lone challenge to the strong Russian contingent as he finished with bronze in the men's individual race.

KRASNOYARSK, 4 March – The Biathlon competitions of the 29th Winter Universiade 2019 got underway at the Biathlon Academy Multifunctional Complex. The women were the first to start the individual race, with Russians Natalia Gerbulova, Ekaterina Moshkova and Elena Chirkova finishing in the top three spots.


Almost from the very outset, the Russian women looked set for the podium, with only Eliska Svobodova from the Czech Republic raising a real challenge. She went onto miss four targets though, at the second shooting range, eliminating herself from medal contention.


Gerbulova got off to a very powerful start but had only one clean shooting range, as she missed one target at each of the three others.


“A 15-kilometre race is extremely hard and challenging," admitted Natalia Gerbulova after finishing. “But the fact that I managed to win in my beloved Krasnoyarsk, really blows my mind! I will probably race all the rest of the events, but I have already got the gold, and it makes me feel on top of the world. I drew a great deal of motivation from the stands. I want to thank the spectators for their support!”

Ekaterina Moshkova also spoke of the spectator support. “Spectators were cheering me, chanting ‘Go ahead, Kate! Go ahead, Kate!’ and it did give me a boost.”


Gold in the men’s 20km race also went to Russia, with Nikita Porshnev winning and his compatriot Edward Latypov taking silver. The results were not as predictable as in the women’s race, as the start was much more competitive.


The best pace was maintained by the Belarussian Maxim Vorobei, but he missed six targets in total and dropped out of the fight for medals. Poland’s Mateus Janik was the leader after the first firing line for a long time, until Nikita Porshnev, who started at the end of the peloton, passed him.


Frenchman Felix Kotte-Punel was the only one who shot perfectly, hitting all 20 targets, and secured himself a bronze medal behind Latypov.


“This is the first 20-kilometre race of my life, I am very tired,” admitted Kotte-Pyunel. “But the track is cool, and the atmosphere is wonderful. I did everything I could, although I did not expect to win a medal at all. The Russian people are very good fans, they supported all the athletes.”

Gold medallist Nikita Porshnev will soon be on his way to join the first Russian national team for the World Championships. But for now, he is focused on the Universiade.


“We came here in advance, so we managed to get ready,” he said after his win. “Today I just did my job. I understood that I started too quickly, and I knew that in the towards the end, I would have to use all my endurance. That’s what I did.”


Results: Biathlon, Individual race 15km, women

  1. Natalia Gerbulova (RUS)—46.10,6 (3)      

  2. Ekaterina Moshkova (RUS)—47.15,9 (4)

  3. Elena Chirkova (RUS)—47.24,5 (2)


Results: Biathlon, Individual race, 20km, men

  1. Nikita Porshnev (RUS) - 52.16,9 (2)

  2. Edward Latypov (RUS) - 52.22,4 (2)

  3. Felix Kotte-Punyel (FRA) - 52.38,4 (0)