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11 July 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Summer Universiade, Athletics

From Gymnastics to Pole Vaulting


GWANGJU - Sports is a passion for many but it is a true devotion for Chloe Henry, who is a 28 year-old Belgian student of Masters in Sports Mental Preparation and Performance Enhancement at Blaise Pascal. She started gymnastics from the age of four and continued it for 16 years till she was 20. As a gymnast she competed and convinced people with her charm and beauty in various events including the European World Championships. She holds many titles to her name including the title of Belgian Champion in gymnastics for the year 2006. She also got pre-selected for the Olympic Games in 2008, but due to an injury, she dislocated her elbow, could not participate. “I broke my elbow when I was 20 so I decided to stop because I knew I was not going to make it to the Olympics team.”

After the accident, her dedication towards sports got her on ground and she decided to start her second career as pole vaulter in 2009. “I decided to start pole vaulting at the age of 21, which is quite late”, stated the Belgian athlete.

Since then, she has received the title of Belgian champion six times. Henry said that “I have the Belgian record which is 4m41.” She has participated in the 27th and 28th Summer Universiade and recently, during the Gwangju Summer Universiade, she has earned a bronze medal. “I am really pleased with the bronze medal. All the athletes who were jumping were at a very good level. I knew it was actually going to be very difficult to be on the podium so the fact that I am on the podium is very pleasing.”

The multi-talented athlete stated that she is very hopeful for the Olympics and it is her next objective. “As I have to jump only 10 cm more and I think it is possible and I hope to do it soon,” commented Henry.

Besides sports, the 28-year old athlete holds the desire for travelling and exploring the world and wants to seek a job in sports management so she can stay connected to her passion.

Henry holds a view point that sports are very important, not for students only but for people in general, as it helps in creating a balance in human life, “sports are really important. A fact that a healthy body gives you a strong and healthy mind, healthy life style and just makes you more positive.”


Dania Abdullah (PAK), FISU Young Reporter