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Welcome to the FISU Yearbook and University Sports Magazine

Where Dual Career Student-Athletes Take Centre Stage


Bandits, record-breakers, and capturing the stories of sports legends in the making: there are terrific tales from competitors laying it all out on the line in the Summer and Winter Universiade and the FISU World University Championship event edition.


University sport has a way of opening up the world to the talents of emerging leaders from around the globe. Dig through these books and magazines to relive the history of university sport — as it was being made.


The FISU Yearbook and University Sports Magazine are the official publications of the International University Sports Movement.


With messages from the FISU President, eye-catching sports images from recent FISU competitions to the latest news and events, these are must-reads to stay atop the developments, players and personalities in the world of university sports. These publications capture both the big and uncommon moments within the university sports and education world and highlight the developments within FISU, its member associations, and the hosts who are preparing their campuses and cities for the finest university sports performers from around the world. 


The FISU Yearbook is a full-colour annual while the University Sports Magazine was a full-colour quarterly.

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