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12th FISU FORUM 2014

Gwangju, Republic of Korea - 17-22 March 2014

Main Theme

University Sport, a Networking Platform to advance the Technical, Social and Cultural Skills of Young Leaders


• Ethics: Individual Social Responsibility and/vs University Sport Responsibility

• Social Media in University Sport: New Challenges

• University Sport: a Fair Culture for Sustainable Development from gender studies perspective

• Leadership in Large Scale University Sports Events

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11th FISU FORUM 2012

Taipei City, Chinese Taipei - 26-31 March 2012

Main Theme

University Sport: a Platform for Sustainable Development


• University sport as fertile ground for leadership development

• University Sport – A platform for change and for women’s engagement

• Sportsmanship as a platform for lifelong development

• Strategic planning for “eco-friendly” university sport


10th FISU FORUM 2010

Vigo, Spain - 21-26 June 2010

Main theme

University Sport: a Platform for Change


• Development of Strategic Plans in University Sport at the National Level

• Education and Environmental Awareness through University Sport

• Women’s Leadership in University Sport

• University Sport and Academic Recognition


9th FISU FORUM 2008

Krakow, Poland - 1-6 July 2008

Main Theme

University Sport: Roots, Strengths and Challenges


• The WHY of University Sport and its different models

• Volunteering Philosophy as a force in University Sport

• Funding of University Sport

• Marketing and Communication of University Sport


8th FISU FORUM 2006

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 25-30 March 2006

Main Theme

University Sport, a Tool for Individual Development Understanding Diversity


• Sport and Extra Curricular Activities as a Way of Life at Universities and a Part of Individual Development

• Role of Sport among Women in Different Societies and Culture

• Promotion of University Sport

• Leadership and University Sport


7th FISU FORUM 2004

Lisbon, Portugal - 21-27 July 2004

Main Theme

Education through University Sport


• Educational values of University Sport

• The social importance of University Sport

• The unity and mobility of the University Sport System

• The importance of new technologies in the promotion and development of University Sport


6th FISU FORUM 2002

Capetown, South Africa - 9-14 September 2002

Main Theme

Challenges facing student sport at the beginning of the millennium


• The values of student sport as a means of contributing to a healthy, successful society (overtraining in sport and excessive competition, doping, AIDS, drugs, diet and nutrition)

• The values of student sport as a means of contributing to a non-discriminatory society (gender, ethnicity, social inclusion, disability, age)

• Development of student sport (relationship of student sport, financing of sport in different countries, new trends in university sport in different countries, major issues in university sport in different countries, value of (university) sport in different countries, how new technology could be used in university sport)

• How professional sports impact on university sport (Universiade teams' performance levels, eligibility: what is a student, media involvement in student sport, high level sport and academic performance)


5th FISU FORUM 2000

Monterrey, Mexico - 28 June-1 July 2000

Main Theme

The place that sport and physical education occupies within University


• University Sport: Recreation or Education? Community life and responsible citizenship

• The Administration of Physical and University Sport – motivation of the student and/or teacher supervision

• Success in University and finding a competitive sport


4th FISU FORUM 1998

Lulea, Sweden - 22-27 June 1998

Main Theme

University Sport, a healthy activity based on equality and democracy


• Sport for All

• Equality in University Sports

• Democracy in University Sports


3rd FISU FORUM 1996

Madrid, Spain - 4-9 July 1996


• The presentation of FISU Politics and goals through its principal activities

• A reflection on certain national aspects of university sports

• The place of university sport in national level competitions and its relations with the nation’s sports, academic and public authorities

• The independence of university sport and its relations with the nation’s sports, academic and public authorities

• The advantages for a national federation of university sport to organize a FISU event


2nd FISU FORUM 1994

Catania, Italy - 25 September-1 October 1994


• Student Democracy

• Sport for all (beginner to elite) and the need for a fair distribution of resources

• The need to raise the profile of student sport

• The need to exchange information about student sport at an international level


1st FISU FORUM 1992

Paralimni, Cyprus - 7-13 September 1992


• Should University Sport be directed by student associations or professional directors?

• Should financial resources go to sport for the masses or high level sport?

• Should university athletes benefit from a free education and repayment of their expenses to take part in competitions?

• Should sport be compulsory or optional in higher learning?





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