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The FISU Youth Leadership Seminars


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Organised in the sidelines of FISU sporting and educational events, the FISU Youth Leadership Seminars provide practical learning opportunities for student-athletes and officials on topics that are typically of great interest and concern to them: social media, communication skills and anti-doping.


Professional speakers moderate the seminars, sharing their knowledge and experience, to enable participants to develop their own competences.


Eurosport and the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) are usually partners of the FISU Youth Leadership Seminars.



FISU Youth Leadership Seminars at the 2015 FISU Summer Universiade

  • Seminar on “How to behave towards media” - learning opportunities for students, supporting the development of their communication skills

  • Seminar on “How to build your image in media - Personality-PR” - learning opportunities for students, contributing to increase the level of awareness, build up an image and position a person in the public by using different social media channels

  • Seminar on "FISU-GUOC-WADA Anti-doping Programme for Universities" - presenting the programme and the tools available to students and instructors to raise awareness about drug-free sport and the teaching opportunities offered to universities


FISU Youth Leadership Seminars at the 2016 FISU Forum on University Sport

  • The NUSFs PR toolkits initiative

  • FISU-WADA Anti-Doping Programme for Universities

  • Management and communication in an international team

  • How to get better coverage in the media