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The FISU Forum on University Sport


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The FISU Forum on University Sport: a Place to Meet 

Few organisations in the world give young sports managers and leaders the opportunity to better understand and exchange ideas about the different aspects of the sports environment in which they operate. Every two years the FISU Forum on University Sport brings together students, officials and other key partners involved in the university sport movement and with FISU member associations. Combining academic sessions with cultural, educational and sporting activities, it is a powerful communication platform for the various university sports communities. This combination gives the Forum an educational value in the broadest sense of the term.


The Forum is the only FISU event that gathers all the actors of university sport in one place. Students, junior and senior university sports managers, representatives of international sports and non-sports federations, organisers of major FISU events and renowned academic speakers are brought together for nearly a week to develop and strengthen the worldwide university sport movement.


The major goal of the FISU Forum on University Sport is to share ideas and knowledge on key issues relating to the development of sport and university sport worldwide, and to improve member knowledge about FISU’s mission and current priorities.  Such worldwide exchange on university sport is a supporting programme of FISU to assist its NUSF members to structure and to develop their own university sport models.  The FISU Forum on University Sport is a global platform for university sport discussion.



  • Enhance student engagement
  • Exchange experiences about university sport
  • Educate through and within university sport
  • Experience the educational value of university sport
  • Encourage young leaders in university sport
  • Initiate inter-cultural learning
  • Link like-minded external organisations to university sport and to FISU
  • Learn about new university sport development activities and projects
  • Learn (university) sport management and organisational skills
  • Network within the NUSF and externally
  • Offer NUSFs administrative tools to develop their university sport
  • Show and to emphasise FISU’s leading role in developing university sport



  • Dual Career
  • Equal opportunities of access
  • Values/Ethics/Integrity
  • Gender EqualityEqual opportunities of access
  • Leadership
  • Anti-doping
  • Volunteers


The Forum: Facts & Figures

  • Duration: 6 days;
  • Scale: average 220 participants (but not limited);
  • Reach:  60 or more countries;
  • Frequency: every two years in even-numbered years;
  • Participants: students, university sports managers, representatives of international sport and non-sport federations, organisers of major FISU events, renowned academic speakers, FISU Family members;
  • 12 editions held since 1992: Paralimni (Cyprus, 1992) - Catania (Italy, 1994) - Madrid (Spain, 1996) - Lulea (Sweden, 1998) - Monterrey (Mexico, 2000) - Cape Town (South Africa, 2002) - Lisbon (Portugal, 2004) - Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates, 2006) - Krakow (Poland, 2008) - Vigo (Spain, 2010) - Taipei City (Chinese Taipei, 2012) - Gwangju (Republic of Korea, 2014);
  • Next editions: Montpellier (France, 4-9 July 2016), Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation, 2018);
  • Programme: plenary sessions, workshops, special sessions, sports and cultural activities, Forum Fair, in order to provide interactive communication at all levels;
  • Focus: leadership, communication, cooperation, social and life skills of young managers;
  • Objectives: to develop and strengthen the worldwide university sport movement; to develop interaction between all persons involved in sport in higher education institutions; to act as a learning and communication platform on university sport.

Coming Up: 14th FISU Forum on University Sport 2018

  • 6-10 August, 2018

  • Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation 


Why organise a FISU Forum on University Sport?


The Most Recent FISU Forum

  • Took place in Montpellier, France from 4-9 July 2016
  • Main Theme: From the Origins to the Future of University Sport
  • Event Website


The History of past FISU Forums on University Sport

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