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FISU Conference 2015

Gwangju, Republic of Korea - 11-13 July 2015

Main Theme

The Impact of University Sport on the Global Community


• University Sport and its eco-environmental impact

• University Sport, humanity and social development

• University Sport and innovation through information technology

• University Sport and global education development

Academic partner: Honam University

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FISU Conference 2013

Kazan, Russian Federation - 14-17 July 2013

Main Theme

University and Olympic Sport: two models – one goal?


• Historical, cultural and social aspects of University and Olympic sport

• Legacy benefits of staging a Universiade or Olympic Games

• Dual career issues for student athletes

• The role of Media in University and Olympic sport

• Traditional and innovative technologies in University and Olympic sport

• Leading a healthy lifestyle: how can University and Olympic sport contribute?

• The place of sport in different educational systems

• Women in University and Olympic sport

Academic partner: Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism


FISU Conference 2011

Shenzhen, P.R. China - 13-16 August 2011

Main Theme

University Sport: From Culture of the 'How' to Culture of the 'Why'. The Future Starts Here'  


• Impact of great sports events - Olympic Games and Universiades
• Education, Ethics and sport
• Healthy lifestyle promotion at university: education research and strategies for preventive and therapeutic intervention
• Anticipating new practices and events in university sports
• University Sport Industry: Development through positive exploration

Academic partner: University of Shenzhen

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FISU Conference 2009

Belgrade, Serbia - 2-5 July 2009

Main Theme

The role of University sports in education and society - A platform for change


• University sports: trends, opportunities and challenges

• University sports: a foundation for healthy lifestyle

• University sports: a foundation for fair play and ethical values

• University sports a foundation for education and academic achievement

• University sports: a foundation for sustainable universal development

Academic partner: Faculty of sports and physical education - Belgrade University


FISU Conference 2007

Bangkok, Thailand - 9-12 August 2007

Main Theme

University Sport: Sport Creates Man… Man Develops Nationhood


• Sport and Socialisation

• Sport and Environmental Concerns

• Globalisation of Sport

• Perspectives of Sports Science

• Healthy Lifestyle and Quality of Life

Academic partner: Thammasat University Rangsit Campus


FISU Conference 2005

Izmir, Turkey - 12-15 August 2005

Main Theme

University Sport: A Platform for Sharing Cultural Differences


• University Sport, a bridge between

• The past, the present and the future

• Continents, regions and countries

• Cultures and societies

• Generations

• The role of University Sport in Sports tourism

• Promoting Environmental awareness

Academic partner: Ege University Atatürk Cultural Centre


FISU Conference 2003

Daegu, Korea - 22-26 August 2003

Main Theme

Facing the challenge: tradition and innovation in university sports


• Sports in University life - Student motivation for participation in university sports

• University sports: recreation, leisure, fitness, competition, training

• Sports facilities and university sports

• Pleasant healthy life through sports and physical activity. Functional issues of sports inside the university - Management and university sports

• Medical aspects of university sports

• University sports and communication (internal and external)

• University sports and technology

• Methodological and measurement issues in sport study. University sports in society - The relationship between university sports and professionalism in sports

• University sports in a performance-oriented society

• University sports and globalisation

• Moral issues such as drug, violence… in university sports

• Strategies for performance enhancement in university sports

Academic partner: Yeungnam University


FISU Conference 2001

Beijing, P.R. China - 23-25 August 2001

Main Theme

Unity, Friendship and Progress of Humanity through University Sport


• Practice of University Sports: Ideal and Education

• University Sports: Means of Cultivating Outstanding Citizens

• University Sports: Healthy and Pleasant Lifestyle

• Development of Sports: A New Tendency in University Sports

• Organisational Management of University Sports

Academic partner: Beijing University of Physical Education


FISU Conference 1960-1999


- 'University Sport, Factor in Democracy, Equity and Culture' - 7 to 9 July 1999 - Palma de Mallorca, ESP

-'University Sport in the 21st Century: Goals, Organisation and Financing’ - 23 to 24 August 1997 - Catania, ITA

-'Sports and Man: Create a New Vision' - 24 to 26 August 1995 - Fukuoka, JPN

-'Changes in Human Size and Physical Activity’ - 8 to 11 July 1993 - Buffalo, USA

-'Sports and Environment' - 5 to 17 July 1991 - Sheffield, GBR


-'The importance of University Sport and Physical Education', 'Innovative Experiments in University Physical Education and Sports Programmes', 'Medical and Health Benefits', 'The Role of University Sport in International Collaboration' - 10 to 12 July 1987 - Zagreb, YUG

-'University Sport in a Society in Transformation' - 26 to 28 August 1985 - Kobe, JPN

-'The Role of the University in the Development of Modern Sport: Past, Present and Future' - 2 to 4 July 1983 - Edmonton, CAN

-'University Sport, an Element in the Quality of Life' - 20 to 22 July 1981- Bucharest, ROM


-'Sports Medicine, Sports Legislation and Sport for the Masses' - 3 to 9 September 1979 - Mexico City, MEX

-'The Development of University Sport' - 18 to 20 August 1977 - Sofia, BUL

-'Students' Attitude to Sports', 'Participation in Sports and Success at University' - 8 to 14 September 1974 - Hyvinkää, FIN

-'A Dialogue between the Generations' - 19 to 25 September 1971 - Billingehus, SWE


-'Today's Student and Sport' - 16 to 21 September 1968 - Haifa, ISR

-'High Level Sport and University' - 19 to 23 September 1966 - Grunwald, GER

-'University Sport and Sport in General' - 21 to 25 September 1964 - London, GBR

-'The Role of University Sport in Students' General Education' - 25 to 29 September 1962 - Obertrauw, AUT

-'Sport as a Recreational Element in Student Life' - 19 September 1960 - Magglingen, SUI