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The FISU “Five Stars” logotype incorporates a dynamic branding for university sports events and is the official International University Sports emblem. 


The FISU corporate elements guidelines were created for prospective users of the official brand and logotype of FISU. The guidelines describe the conditions and standards for their correct and effective use. The FISU brand and the designations of FISU sporting events are copyrighted and thus protected names. This means that they cannot be modified in any way. Only FISU may authorise the use of its properties or delegate their use to an Organising Committee or a third party. In each case, the use of its properties must be done in accordance with the spirit and regulations of FISU. Any grant, license or commercial use must contain the appropriate FISU regulation and be respected by the parties concerned.



Visual identity

Hereafter you may download the specifications concerning the visual identity of the FISU brand:

FISU Brand - Visual Identity

  • 15,000 Athletes
  • 180 Participating Countries
  • 30 World University Championships
  • 2 Universiades
  • 1 Single Identity



Over the years the image of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) had become confused, being sometimes mistaken for the image of the events FISU was organising. To remedy this situation, it was important to provide each of the endorsed events with a clearly identifiable symbol. The solution was to concentrate the International University Sports Federation's image on the stars, and use the letter 'U' to identify the Universiades and World Championships. This creates a clear hierarchy between the identity of the individual event and its endorsement by the International University Sports Federation.