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The FISU “U” is the official International University Sports Federation emblem. This logo is used on all official communication – printed/mail/web – related to the International University Sports Federation.


The FISU emblem and the designs of FISU sporting events are copyrighted. This means they cannot be modified in any way. Only FISU may authorise the use of its properties or delegate their use to an Organising Committee or a third party. In each case, the use of its properties must be done in accordance with the spirit and regulations of FISU. Any grant, license or commercial use must contain the appropriate FISU regulation and be respected by the parties concerned.



Conditions of Use

The emblem and designs must be used in the same manner for all aspects of the event, whether printed or in any other form. The design may be in the language of the host country, but it must also appear in English and French unless otherwise authorised by FISU. The design of the event, along with the FISU emblem must appear on all official and promotional materials, and in all facilities and surroundings. The emblem of the event must be in accordance with these guidelines and be approved by the FISU Executive Commitee. The use of the emblem of the event is authorised for commercial purposes. In any case, the association with another name or logo may not alter the official emblem; the name or logo may not exceed one-fourth of the size of the official emblem.




The FISU flag includes the emblem of FISU centred on a white background.

The recommended size is:

  • For official use in sports halls or venues: 200 cm wide x 150 cm high,
  • For the official flag at the opening ceremony of the Universiade: 450 cm wide x 300 cm high or 600 cm wide x 450 cm high,
  • For oriflammes: 80 cm wide x 120 cm high.



FISU Medal Specifications

MedalsThe medals should be:

  • First: gold or gilt
  • Second: silver or silver gilt
  • Third: bronze


Traditionally, both the FISU 'U' and the title of the Universiade or Championship appear on the heads side of the medal. On the tails side there usually is some kind of artistic design. The average size is 60 mm in diameter, with a 5 mm thickness.


The official FISU emblem was inspired by the 'U' of 'University', accompanied by five stars that symbolise the five continents. The original emblem (1), created by the CUSI (Italian University Sports Centre) during the 1st Universiade in 1959, symbolises FISU.


Fisu Emblem Colors

FISU emblem in five colours

 Process Colours

The colours of the emblem are to be used based on the following process colours:

  1. Blue: 100% cyan
  2. Black: 100% black
  3. Red: 100% magenta + 100% yellow
  4. Yellow: 100% yellow + 10% magenta
  5. Green: 100% yellow + 100% cyan

FISU emblem in five colours

Pantone® Colours

The following Pantone colours, based on the European scale (PANTONE® Colour Formula Guide - 747 XR), are recommended:

  1. Blue: Process Blue
  2. Black: Process Black
  3. Red: Warm Red
  4. Yellow: 109 (16 parts Yellow + 1/4 part Warm Red)
  5. Green: 355 (13 parts Green + 3 parts Yellow + 1/4 Black)

FISU emblem

Single Colour

For a single colour, the five colours have to be reproduced on a percentage basis to obtain the colour chosen:

  1. Blue: 80%
  2. Black: 100%
  3. Red: 40%
  4. Yellow: 20%
  5. Green: 60%

Blue or Black are exclusively recommended for single-colour applications.