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The Official FISU Anthem

  1. Gaudeamus igitur, juvenes dum sumus (bis) Post jucundam juventutem Post molestam senectutem Nos habebit humus (bis).

  2. Ubi sunt qui ante nos, in mundo fuere (bis) Vadite ad superos, Transite ad inferos, Ubi iam fuere (bis).

  3. Vita nostra brevis est brevi finietur (bis) Venit mors velociter, Rapit nos atrociter, Nemini parcetur (bis).

  4. Vivat Acedémia,vivant Professores (bis) Vivat membrum quodlibet, Vivant membra quaelibet, Semper sint in flore (bis) !

  5. Vivant omnes virgines, faciles, formosae (bis) Vivant et mulieres, Tenerae, amabiles, Bonae, laboriosae (bis) !

  6. Vivat et respublica et qui illam regit (bis) Vivat nostra civitas, Maecenatum caritas, Quae nos hic protegit (bis).

  7. Pereat tristitia, pereant osores (bis) Pereat diabolus, Patriae maledictus, Nec non irrisores (bis).

The FISU Emblem

The “U” is a powerful letter and it stands for university, our key field of activity,. This U also stands for you, us, union, and universality, mirroring FISU's commitment to inclusivity. We call it the “Dynamic U”. The emblem embodies the passion that empowers to overcome obstacles, go beyond limits and cross boundaries, in both sport and life.


The main colours of the emblem symbolise the universally of the sports world, and have been a part of FISU's visual identity since our founding in 1949. The mixed gradient represents our dedication to diversity, equality, innovation, and the joy of sport, while creating and supporting the university sports community across the world.


As the official International University Sports Federation emblem, this logo is used on all official communication related to FISU's activities and events. Detailed specifications on using the emblem and FISU flag can be found here.


FISU Mascots

Named 'Copico', the first official FISU event mascot appeared in Jaca, Spain, during the Winter Universiade 1981. A little cartoon character on skis, Copico is derived from the word "copa de nieve," Spanish for snowflake. Since then, FISU has had a long and rich history of delightful mascots that you can get to know here.