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17 February 2014 | in NUSF News, Summer Universiade, Multisports

Preparations for the Gwangju 2015 prove satisfactory for the FISU Inspection


GWANGJU - "The overall progress for the Gwangju Universiade is going smoothly, and much progress is being made in each function”, commented FISU Summer Universiade Director Marc Vandenplas, who led this inspection visit of the FISU delegation. The preparations being made for the Summer Universiade have progressed much since the last visit in October of last year and cooperation between the departments have improved and are being well conducted.

The FISU delegation arrived in Gwangju on the 10th and conducted meetings concerning the progress being made in the functional areas of IT & Communications, Accreditation, TV & Media, and the Athletes' Village.

In particular, FISU Director of Development & Special Projects Laurent Briel, who is in charge of Accreditation, visited Gwangju for the first time and conducted an in-depth inspection on the Accreditation field, including requirements for the accreditation center, data management, and categorization of participants. Meanwhile, he also advised that there needs to be seamless connectivity between all functions in order to cover all the various features of each function during actual games time.

"This FISU visit was the first inspection since the Gwangju OC has stepped up into practical operations after its last re-organization”, Kim Yoon-suk, GUOC Secretary General said. “It has provided us the opportunity to listen to the good advice that the FISU delegation has given us. We will work closely together with FISU in order to host a successful Universiade."

On the other hand, the GUOC will be hosting a series of meetings in March, including the FISU Universiade Supervision Committee meeting, the FISU Forum, and the FISU Seminar.


(Source: GUOC)