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06 July 2016 | in Education, Forum

13th FISU Forum - Seminars and Workshops begin

MONTPELLIER - The second day of the 2016 FISU Forum, 5 July, was the first day of seminars. At the university venues of Institut de Botanique and Saint Charles the participants were able to attend lectures about ethical topics and anti-doping, interact in workshops and learn about the ‘NUSFs PR toolkits initiative’ and the ‘FISU-WADA Anti-Doping Programme for Universities’ during two Youth Leaderships Seminars.

After a plenary session on values, ethics and integrity in the morning held by Bernard Andrieu, Philosopher and Research Professor, and Jacques Igalens, University Professor, the forum participants came together in small working groups in order to discuss the current situation regarding ethics in university sports and develop new ideas.

The first workshop of the day was followed by a Youth Leadership Seminar held by Jack Zorab of FISU communication partner JTA on the ‘National University Sports Federation’s PR toolkits initiatives’.

Following lunch the participants once again came together at Institut de Botanique to attend to a number of presentations about anti-doping led by WADA’s Erin Tedford, Education Manager in the Education and NADO/RADO Relations Department. As part of the ‘FISU-WADA Anti-Doping Programme for Universities’ an Anti-Doping Textbook was developed.

In connection with the presentations there were again workshops that focused on the role of FISU in the fight against doping and substance abuse in general.

A long day of lectures and seminars came to a close with cultural activities such as a wine tasting and food tasting experience as well as a guided Montpellier city tour.


Max Länge, Media Intern



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