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12 July 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Summer Universiade, Handball

Swiss Hungry for Handball Medal


GWANGJU - They have to take on Hungary first to get to the bronze medal match, but Switzerland are quite confident of finding their way to some prized metal in handball.

Delegate and handball coach Michael Suter, a former Olympian more than 20 years ago in the aforementioned sport, says the side is ready for the potential final to be contested on Monday.

“Handball is a tough sport, but I think we are in good shape and hope to beat the others on our way.”

Suter has been able to observe volleyball, basketball and athletics among others.  He says it parallels the Olympics on every level.

“It’s on a high level; I’ve been to Olympics as an athlete, and it really is like one.  The times in athletics are not exactly the same and it is a great experience for us.”

Switzerland already has points on the board with some athletes in national teams.  “It is quite a mixture of players,” says Suter of the competitors at the Universiade.  “They’re already on the highest level, and there’s some young players who are trying to get there.  It’s a great event to start a sporting career for athletes.”

Suter’s experience allows him to not just be a coach, but a mentor too.

“If you’re experienced, you can talk about that.  When you compare this event, for me personally, it’s a great experience.”

None of the medal opponents have been decided yet, but with Switzerland dropping just one match on the way to a potential medal, there is high hopes among team members.  It hasn’t been without a few obstacles, with the high-intensity handball competition a taxing event on athletes.  However, Suter says on-court, neither team gets the advantage.

“It’s always the same, if it’s hot or wet, it doesn’t matter, the two teams have the same conditions.  It’s a mental thing and you have to be ready for every condition.”

Davis Harrigan (AUS), FISU Young Reporter