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World University Leagues


Putting on your university colors and competing amongst your classmates is an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in sports. For the first time in FISU history, student-athletes compete for their university teams rather than for national teams.


Through the League, FISU brings more student-athletes into the international university sports scene.


At FISU we’re helping change the role and trajectory of sports on student-athlete’s lives. The World University League is a game-changer.


A Sports Innovation Partnership

The League started in 2015 as a gateway for new sports and formats to explore alternative competition set-ups and create their own path in the University Sports movement. This opportunity allows FISU to experiment with international sport federations to enhance sports delivery and innovation.


Living in a fast-changing world, how we all play sports is constantly evolving, especially for university athletes. As the home of international university sports, our strong sports partnerships help FISU maximize the potential of the University Sports movement.


The League establishes new pathways to high-end international tournaments, with the goal of aligning events at national, regional, continental and global levels. Through the League, FISU’s aim is to increase sports participation through universities and help student athletes be both today’s stars and tomorrow’s leaders.


This last line is more than the tagline, it’s FISU’s guiding principle: in everything the organisation does, keeping the athlete experience at the heart of university sports is the number one priority. 



For any queries on the World University Leagues, you may contact the FISU WUC Department via championships@fisu.net