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The World University Leagues (WUL) are a sport property of the International University Sports Federation. Alternating with the Summer and Winter Universiade, together with the FISU World University Championships, they are organised every even-numbered years. The inaugural FISU World University League was the 3x3 Basketball organised in Xiamen (CHN) in 2015 in a partnership with FIBA, the international governing body of that sport.

The unique concept in the inception of these events is competitions between university teams, rather than between national teams.

FISU envisions establishing global events for university teams in key-sports, with specific partnerships involving International Sports Federations and seeking to establish synergies and maximise the potential of the University Sports movement.


WUL Organisation

The World University Leagues are overseen by the FISU WUC Department that is in charge of all administrative and logistical issues. It has a dual role, internally connecting with other FISU departments involved in the preparation, set-up and delivery of the events, and externally as a connection between WUL OCs, participating university delegations and respective international sports federations.

In addition of this team, an International Technical Committee (CTI), composed of technical experts for each sport, is in charge of assisting and following up all the technical sport-related matters.


The World University Leagues, the New Face of FISU Events

Recognising present and future trends in the sports arena, within its framework “new sports, new concepts”, FISU is aiming to reach and influence University Sports through the growth and promotion of student athletes as being “Today’s stars and tomorrow’s leaders” and their respective Universities.

On its road map, FISU has identified the World University League as a cohesive tool which can facilitate landing on the university campus and so enhances the student experience through the powerful interplay of game, entertainment and culture.

The League is viewed as complementing other FISU events aiming to expose Universities and help student athletes to step out onto the International basketball scene and meet other cultures while also having fun.


WUL Events

Currently the World University Leagues are under preparation, with 3x3 Basketball already having had a successful test event in 2015. The 2016 edition has been extended to include more in-depth participation from Continental Associations (FISU Associate Members) in the organisation of qualifying tournaments. 

The following WUL events are scheduled/in preparation:

  • 2017: 3x3 Basketball: Xiamen (CHN) - Bulletin

The 1st FISU World University League was 3x3 Basketball organised in Xiamen (CHN) in 2015.



For any queries on the World University Leagues, you may contact the FISU WUC Department through different channels: