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The Winter Universiade is an international sporting and cultural event which is staged every two years in a different city. It is only second to the Olympic Games. The programme of the Winter Universiade currently includes 8 compulsory sports and up to 3 optional sports chosen by the host country. It gathered a record of 2,668 participants in Trentino, Italy, in 2013 and a record number of 52 countries in Erzurum, Turkey, in 2011. 

Embracing FISU’s motto of 'Excellence in Mind and Body', the Winter Universiade incorporates educational and cultural aspects into 11 days of sports competitions, allowing university student-athletes worldwide to celebrate with the host city in a true spirit of friendship and sportsmanship.

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 Lucerne (SUI)


 Krasnoyarsk (RUS), 02/03 - 12/03


Almaty (KAZ), 29/01 - 08/02


 Granada (ESP), 04/02 - 14/02


 Strbske Pleso/Osrblie, 24/01 - 01/02


 Trentino (ITA)

Key Facts about the Winter Universiade (WU)

  • The biggest global winter multi-sports event for student-athletes
  • 11 days of sports competitions
  • More than 2,500 participants from more than 50 countries
  • 1,500 to 3,000 volunteers
  • 8 compulsory sports and up to 3 optional sports
  • Broadcasted by more than 100 TV channels aroud the World


Winter Universiade Organisation

Within the FISU chart, the Winter Universiade Department is in charge of all administrative and logistical issues. It also serves as the link between the different Organising Committees, delegations and international sports federations. 

In addition to this team, various FISU committees play very important roles in their respective areas in the management of the Winter Universiade, e.g. the Winter Universiade Supervision Committee (CSU), the International Technical Committee (CTI), the International Medical Committee (CMI), the International Control Committee (CIC), the Media and Communication Committee (MCC), etc.


Winter Universiade Sports programme*

The programme of the Winter Universiade currently includes 8 compulsory sports and up to 3 optional sports:



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