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World University Championships


The World University Championships (WUC) are part of the sporting events of the International University Sports Federation. Alternating with the Summer and Winter Universiades, they are organised every even-numbered year. The first FISU World University Championship was organised in the city of Lund (SWE) in 1963 and welcomed the best student handball players of the time. 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of the World University Championships, which will be celebrated throughout the year.
Unlike the Universiade, the World University Championships are multiple mono-sport events, the organisation of which is delegated to a National University Sports Federation (NUSF), and then to a city and an Organising Committee. Organising a World University Championship gives a city, and often a university, a chance to host an international major sporting event without being a big and rich city. The attribution process of the FISU WUCs starts with a call for candidature. Candidate NUSFs are required to provide a bidding dossier examined by the FISU Executive Committee, which after deliberation attributes the WUC to the chosen NUSF and city.


WUC Organisation

Within the FISU chart, the World University Championship Department is in charge of all administrative and logistical issues. It serves as a link between the different Organising Committees, delegations and international sports federation. 

In addition of this team, an International Technical Committee (CTI), chaired by Mr. Leonz Eder (SUI) and composed of technical experts (CT Chairs) for each sport, is in charge of assisting and following up all the technical sport-related matters.


The World University Championships, the sports lab of FISU

According to FISU's way of working, the World University Championships are the gateway to its sports programme. Indeed, the integration of a sport into a FISU event is made through the World University Championships programme, following a specific procedure. This enables FISU to experiment and implement new activities. In 2012 netball is on the FISU sports programme for the first time, offering top student-players the opportunity to take part in a worldwide tournament. Given that the WUCs take place every two years, FISU can evaluate the popularity and evolution of sports, and contribute to the development of some practices. As an example, from 2012 FISU is a key partner of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) in the development and promotion of a new discipline: basketball 3x3.
After a sport has been steadily included into the World University Championships programme, it can apply to become part of the Universiade programme. This process enables FISU to evaluate the interest of its member associations in given sports, as was the case with judo, table tennis and more recently taekwondo.


WUC Sports programme

The programme of the World University Championships is subject to change and currently includes 37 sports.

In order to be as complete as possible, it includes:

  • Individual/ team sports
  • Indoor/ outdoor sports
  • Mind sports
  • Summer/ winter sports


The complete sports programme is the following:






Ski Orienteering







Canoe Sprint*

Nordic Combined


Modern Pentathlon

3x3 Basketball

Canoe Slalom & Wildwater



 Muay Thai

Beach Volleyball*







Rugby Sevens










Ski Jumping

American Football


Cross Country






Speed Skating

Shooting Sports

 Sport Climbing




WUC Programme for 2016

1 3x3 Basketball Xiamen CHN 22-11-2016 24-11-2016
2 American Football Monterrey MEX 01-06-2016 11-06-2016
3 Archery Ulaanbaatar MGL 01-06-2016 05-06-2016
4 Badminton Ramenskoe RUS 12-09-2016 18-09-2016
5 Baseball Raleigh Durham USA tbc tbc
6 Beach Volleyball Parnu EST 13-07-2016 17-07-2016
7 Boxing Chiang Mai THA 03-10-2016 08-10-2016
8 Bridge Lodz POL 22-08-2016 28-08-2016
9 Canoe Sprint Cuemanco MEX 24-09-2016 27-09-2016
10 Chess Abu Dhabi UAE 09-04-2016 15-04-2016
11 Cross Country Cassino ITA 12-03-2016  
12 Cycling Tagaytay PHI 23-03-2016 27-03-2016
13 Equestrian Flyinge SWE 29-06-2016 03-07-2016
14 Floorball Porto POR 20-07-2016 24-07-2016
15 Futsal Goiania BRA 22-08-2016 29-08-2016
16 Golf Brive-la-Gaillarde FRA 23-06-2016 26-06-2016
17 Handball Malaga ESP 27-06-2016 03-07-2016
18 Karate Braga POR 10-08-2016 13-08-2016
19 Netball Miami USA 13-07-2016 17-07-2016
20 Orienteering Miskolc HUN 31-07-2016 04-08-2016
21 Rowing Poznan POL 02-09-2016 04-09-2016
22 Rugby Sevens Swansea GBR 07-07-2016 09-07-2016
23 Sailing Perth AUS 24-09-2016 30-09-2016
24 Sambo Larnaca CYP 09-12-2016 11-12-2016
25 Shooting Sport tbc tbc tbc tbc
26 Ski Orienteering Tula RUS 11-02-2016 15-02-2016
27 Speed Skating Basselga di Pine ITA 03-03-2016 06-03-2016
28 Sport Climbing Shanghai CHN 13-10-2016 16-10-2016
29 Squash Kuala Lumpur MAS 05-09-2016 11-09-2016
30 Triathlon Nyon SUI 07-08-2016  
31 Waterski Akita JPN 15-09-2016 19-09-2016
32 Weigthlifting Monterrey MEX 14-11-2016 17-11-2016
33 Woodball Taipei City TPE 21-10-2016 26-10-2016
34 Wrestling Corum TUR 26-10-2016 30-10-2016


You may contact the FISU World University Championships Department through different channels:
Mail: championships@fisu.net
Facebook: FISU World University Championships
Internet: www.fisu.net/World University Championships

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