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24 November 2014 | in Member Association News, Multisports

RSSU GALA University Sport Stars



MOSCOW – On 14 November, the Russian Students Sport Union (RSSU), supported by the Presidential Executive Office, the Moscow Government, and the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation,...

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24 November 2014 | in Member Association News, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Football, Basketball, Baseball

The Yonsei-Korea Rivalry: A Grand University Sports Festival



SEOUL – Everybody knows about the legendary Oxford-Cambridge rowing rivalry. In Korea, they have a similar rivalry, not as long standing as Oxbridge but maybe more intense: the Yonsei-Korea...

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21 November 2014 | in Member Association News

Finnish Student Sports Federation elects New President



HELSINKI - The General Assembly of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) has elected Matias Vainio as President for 2015. Mr. Vainio is a 24-year-old history student from the...

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21 November 2014 | in Member Association News, Basketball

New University Basketball League kicks off in France



PARIS – FFSU, the French University Sports Federation together with Meltygroup announced the official launch of the Melty University Basketball League (MBLU) in partnership with Caisse...

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18 November 2014 | in Continental Association News

EUSA Convention 2014



LJUBLJANA - The 2014 EUSA Convention was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 13 and 16 November. Over 70 participants of the Convention – organisers of the European Universities...

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