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The History of Wrestling in FISU

Today, there are many discussions concerning appropriate sports programmes for major events. There are sports that are automatically included into the programme for one simple reason: they have been practised for centuries. Wrestling is one of those. Like athletics, wrestling dates back to Greek and Roman antiquity and things haven't evolved according to materials or fashion. There is one rule engraved on a stone: "take your opponent down and glue him to the mat". Although this noble discipline was included in the programme of the Bucharest (ROM) Universiade in 1981, it has not been part of the World University Championship programme since the 1968 edition in Istanbul (TUR). This shows its considerable drop in popularity owing to the massive arrival of so-called "fun" sports. The current return to more traditional values is giving wrestling a new lease of life. It was Iran which put the sport back in the limelight and included it into the FISU agenda by organising the second wrestling WUC in Teheran in 1996. It was a magnificent success with 171 wrestlers from 18 countries, among whom were such great champions as Serguey Liehtrvan and Alexander Zanko from Belarus. In 1998 Turkey organised the third edition, echoing the first one that it had organised 30 years earlier in 1968. Obviously, the sport was definitely back, because many member associations had expressed a lively interest in hosting a wrestling championship. In the year 2000, the championship was held in Japan and that was a great delight for all university wrestlers. Women participated for the first time in the World University Wrestling Championship in Edmonton in 2002. At the 2005 Universiade in Izmir, Turkey, the wrestling competition for both men and women took place. It was a great success with the participation of 40 countries and more than 340 wrestlers. With an increasing number of participants, wrestling became one of the FISU star championships. In 2010, 273 wrestlers from 32 countries took part in the championship, showing a worldwide interest in the discipline.

FISU Regulations

The wrestling competitions shall be organised in accordance with the most recent technical regulations of the “Fédération internationale de lutte amateur” (FILA). In any dispute the French text shall be regarded as authoritative.
The programme and duration of competitions are fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. The competitions shall last six (6) days and include individual events in the following weight categories:

Men's Free Style

Men's Greco-Roman Style

Women's Free Style

- 57kg, - 61kg, - 65kg, - 70kg, - 74kg, - 86kg, - 97kg, - 125kg

- 59kg, - 66kg, - 71kg, - 75kg, - 80kg, - 85kg, - 98kg, - 130kg

- 48kg, - 53kg, - 55kg, - 58kg, - 60kg, - 63kg, - 69kg, - 75kg


A team ranking shall award a trophy to the best three (3) teams in each style.

Each country is authorised to enter one (1) competitor and one (1) reserve for each weight category, and five (5) officials. The same competitor may take part in both styles.

The countries shall declare their starters to the Technical Committee six (6) hours before the official weigh-in.(until 12:00 pm in the weigh-in day).

Each athlete shall bring a FILA licence that is valid for the current year, and present it to the Technical Committee.

At the first General Technical Meeting, the Head of Delegation or his/her representative shall confirm and sign the official list of competitors accredited by the CIC.

Minimum Requirements for Wrestling

The Organising Committee must provide, for exclusive use, suitable sports halls to accommodate the wrestling competition as approved by the wrestling CT. The FILA regulations must be followed.

Competition Facilities

Type of Venue

Number of Venues

Changing Room Competitors

Changing Room TOJR

Spectator Seating

Press and Media Seating

Indoor Arena


Gender Segregation




Next Events

2016 - 12th WUC Wrestling - Corum (TUR)

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Previous Events

2014 - 11th WUC Wrestling - Pecs (HUN)

2012 - 10th WUC Wrestling - Kuortane (FIN)

2010 - 9th WUC Wrestling - Torino (ITA)

2008 - 8th WUC Wrestling - Thessaloniki (GRE)

2006 - 7th WUC Wrestling - Ulaanbaatar (MGL)

2005 - 23rd Summer Universiade - Izmir (TUR) - Wrestling Optional Sport

2004 - 6th WUC Wrestling - Lodz (POL)

2002 - 5th WUC Wrestling - Edmonton (CAN)

2000 - 4th WUC Wrestling - Tokyo (JPN)

1998 - 3rd WUC Wrestling - Ankara (TUR)

1996 - 2nd WUC Wrestling - Tehran (IRI)

1981 - 11th Summer Universiade – Bucharest (ROU) - Wrestling Optional Sport

1977 - 9th Summer Universiade – Sofia (BUL) - Wrestling Optional Sport

1973 – 7th Summer Universiade – Moscow (USR) - Wrestling Optional Sport

1968 - 1st WUC Wrestling - Istanbul (TUR)

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