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The History of Waterskiing in FISU 

Since 2004, waterskiing is part of the programme of the World University Championships. After a first edition held in Balakovo (RUS) the top student waterskier had to wait until 2008 for the city of Tianjin (CHN) to organise the second edition, which gathered 65 competitors from 15 countries. In January 2012 the third edition of the World University Waterskiing Championship was held in Santiago de Chile (CHI).

FISU Regulations

The waterskiing competitions will be run in accordance with the most recent technical rules of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF), unless otherwise stated.  In the event of a disagreement on the interpretation of the rules, the English text will be regarded as authoritative.
The programme and the duration of the competitions will be fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI.  In principle, the competitions will last five (5) days and will include the following events:





Water tricks

Water tricks

Water jumps

Water jumps




Classification by team:

Each country may enter a maximum of thirteen (13) persons, of which eight (8) competitors and five (5) officials with at least two (2) competitors of the opposite gender and up to 2 substitutes.

Year Country City Countries Men Women Total Officials
2004 RUS Balakovo 12 28 14 42 17
2008 CHN  Tianjin 15 39 26 65 37
2012 CHI Santiago 17 28 20 48 17

Next Event

2016 - 4th WUC Waterski - Akita (JPN)

International Federation



International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation


FISU Technical Delegates






Previous Events

2012 - 3rd WUC Waterski - Santiago (CHI)

2008 - 2nd WUC Waterski - Tianjin (CHN)

2004 - 1st WUC Waterski - Balakovo (RUS)

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