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The History of Sailing in FISU 

Match Racing entered the programme of the FISU World University Championships in 2002 with a first edition organised in the Presqu’île of Quiberon, France. Until its 4th edition held in Gdansk (POL), the World University Match Racing Championship remained a mixed competition. Since its 5th edition organised in Gazy (GRE) in 2010, the competition has included both a men’s and a women’s competition, increasing the level of participation. With 62 athletes representing 9 countries, the number of participating athletes almost reached the record set in 2004 in Rimini (ITA) and established a record of participation for women.

FISU Regulations

The match racing sailing tournaments will be organised in accordance with the most recent technical regulations of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). In the event of a dispute, the English text will be regarded as authoritative. The programme and duration of the competitions will be fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. In principle, the competitions will last six (6) days and will include: 

  • One day to examine the equipment
  • Matches organised in pools for men
  • Matches organised in pools for women
  • Classification matches for men 
  • Classification matches for women

Each country is authorised to enter two (2) men crews with a maximum of eight (8) competitors and five (5) officials, that is to say thirteen (13) persons.
Each country is authorised to enter two (2) women crews with a maximum of eight (8) competitors and five (5) officials, that is to say thirteen (13) persons. 

Minimum Requirements for Sailing

The Organising Committee must provide suitable facilities to stage the match racing competition as approved by the match racing CT. The ISAF regulations must be followed. 
Please refer to FISU REGS. SEC. F 112.23
to see the details about the number of days of competition and the number of teams competing

  • The Organising Committee must provide competitors with boats. 
  • The Organising Committee must provide the jury, judges and referees and officials with motor boats in accordance with the ISAF regulations.
  • Motor boats provided by the Organising Committee 





 Race Committee Boat


 4 to persons each

 Rubber Boats for Organisation


 2 persons each

 Rubber Boats for Coaches


 4 persons each

 Boats for Media


 4 persons each

 Boat for Spectators


 10 to 20 persons


  • Racing areas : 2.
    • Team racing competition: one small area very close to the harbour 
    • Seating capacity of 200 on the shore
    • Individual competition: one bigger area on the open sea
  • International Jury: 
    • 6 foreign referees
    • 4 national referees

Next Events

2016 - 8th WUC Sailing - Perth (AUS) 


International Federation

International Sailing Federation


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Previous Events

2014 - 7th WUC Sailing - Trentino (ITA)

2012 - 6th WUC Match Racing - Nice (FRA)

2011 - 26th Summer Universiade – Shenzhen (CHN)  - Sailing Optional Sport

2010 - 5th WUC Match Racing - Gazy (GRE)

2008 - 4th WUC Match Racing - Gdansk (POL)

2006 - 3rd WUC Match Racing - Palma de Mallorca (ESP)

2005 - 23rd Summer Universiade - Izmir (TUR) - Sailing Optional Sport

2004 - 2nd WUC Match Racing - Rimini (ITA)

2002 - 1st WUC Match Racing - Quiberon (FRA)

1999 - 20th Summer Universiade - Palma de Mallorca (ESP) - Sailing Optional Sport



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