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The History of Golf in FISU

Often considered as an elite sport, golf has lately drawn many university athletes. During a visit in Sardinia in 1984, former FISU president Dr Nebiolo submitted the idea of including this sport in the competitions organised by our federation. Two years later in October 1986, the first World University Golf Championship was held in Cagliari, Sardinia. The event was staged by the Is Molas Golf Club, also known for the organisation of the Italian Open in 1976. This very selective course enabled FISU and mostly the public to form a first impression about the level of participants, some of whom had already had impressive records. The line-up was already of a very high level at the time; there were such figures as the first university world champion, Ko Cockerill, from the USA, who was also the first US female champion in 1986, and Marco Durante from Italy, who was the winner of the Orange Bowl in 1979. Like the orienteering event, the golf event always takes place on magnificent sites. The prestigious settings of La Grande Motte in France, Palma de Mallorca and San Lorenzo in Spain, and Lausanne in Switzerland hosted the previous editions. The following World University Golf Championship, which was played in San Lameer golf club in South Africa, was also remarkable. On the course, both beautiful and complicated, a few players managed to complete the rounds in less than 70 strokes (on a 72 par), with Taipei's Wei Yun-Jie scoring 68, and America's Jones and South Africa's Albert finishing with 69. We may conclude that the World University Golf Championship maintains its status as a favorite, not only among the world's amateur golf tournaments, but also and especially, among FISU competitions. In 2010, the championship was hosted by the Spanish University Sport Federation (CEDU) on the course of Antequera (Malaga) and had a real success, breaking the participation record for a World University Golf Championship with 135 golfers .

FISU Regulations

The golf competitions shall be run in accordance with the most recent rules of Golf and Amateur Status of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, unless otherwise stated. In the event of a disagreement on the interpretation of the rules, the English text shall be regarded as

The programme and duration of competitions are fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. The competitions shall last four (4) days and include the following events:
- men’s individual competition (72 holes - stroke play);
- women’s individual competition (72 holes - stroke play);
- men’s team competition (72 holes - stroke play);
- women’s team competition (72 holes - stroke play).

Each country may enter a maximum of sixteen (16) persons: eleven (11) competitors and five (5) officials.

Each competitor shall have a handicap of 9 or less on entering the Championship.

In each event, each country may enter:
- Individual event: six (6) competitors
- Team event: four (4) competitors, of whom the three (3) with the best results each day shall count for team classification per day
- Individual event: five (5) competitors
- Team event: three (3) competitors of whom the two (2) with the best results each day shall count for team classification per day

In the case of a tie between two (2) competitors or more for an individual gold medal, they shall play off. For other individual medals, the most recent day’s score shall decide and if there is still a tie, last 9, last 6 etc. shall be used. In the case of a tie between two (2) teams or more, the most recent day’s counting team score shall decide and if there is still a tie, last 9, last 6 etc. shall be used.

Where entries exceed the number of places available in the field, their number shall be limited, in the first instance, to four (4) male and three (3) female players per country. A handicap ballot shall then be applied to fill the remaining places after the teams have been allocated (in the
handicap ballot players will be selected according to their handicaps, the best players being allocated first). The players shall play in the individual Championship only, except in exceptional circumstances, by a decision of the FISU Technical Delegate.

At the first General Technical Meeting, the Head of Delegation or his/her representative shall confirm and sign the official list of competitors accredited by the CIC.

The Championships shall be played over a 72-hole stroke play: 18 holes per day over the four (4) consecutive days of the event.



Individual Competition

Individual Competition

Team Competition

Team Competition

72 Holes - Stroke Play

72 Holes - Stroke Play

Minimum Requirements for Golf

With the golf CT approval, the Organising Committee must provide, for exclusive use, outdoor sports facilities in all competition and training facilities for men's and women's golf events. The IGF regulations must be followed.

Competition and Training Facilities

Type of Venue

Number of Venues

Changing Room Competitors

Changing Room TOJR*

Spectators Seating

Press and Media Seating

Outdoor Facilities


Gender Segregated




*TOJR Technical Officials, Judges and Referees

Next Events

2016 - 16th WUC Golf - Brive-La-Gaillarde (FRA)

Royal and Ancient Golf club of St Andrews


FISU Technical Delegates

Dominic WALL (AUS)







Previous Events

2014 - 15th WUC Golf - Crans-Montana (SUI)

2012 - 14th WUC Golf - Liberec (CZE)

2011 - 26th Summer Universiade - Shenzhen (CHN) - Golf Optional Sport

2010 - 13th WUC Golf - Malaga (ESP)

2008 - 12th WUC Golf - Sun City (RSA)

2007 - 24th Summer Universiade - Bangkok (THA) - Golf Optional Sport

2006 - 11th WUC Golf - Torino (ITA)

2004 - 10th WUC Golf - Nakon Ratchasima (THA)

2002 - 9th WUC Golf - Tao Yuan (TPE)

2000 - 8th WUC Golf - Coleraine (GBR)

1998 - 7th WUC Golf - San Lameer (RSA)

1996 - 6th WUC Golf - Lausanne (SUI)

1994 - 5th WUC Golf - San Lorenzo del Escorial (ESP)

1992 - 4th WUC Golf - Palma de Mallorca (ESP)

1990 - 3rd WUC Golf - Montpellier la Grande Motte (FRA)

1988 - 2nd WUC Golf - Cagliari (ITA)

1986 - 1st WUC Golf - Cagliari (ITA)


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