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The History of Floorball in FISU

Floorball has been part of the programme of the World University Championships since 2002. The first two editions organised respectively in Göteborg (SWE) and Bern (SUI) included only men's tournaments, and since the 3rd World University Floorball Championship organised in Kuortane (FIN), women have been competing for the title as well.
With 194 athletes taking part in 2010, Umea (SWE) hosted the 4th edition and set a new record of participation. The 5th edition will take place in 2012 in Prague (CZE).

FISU Regulations

The floorball tournaments shall be organised in accordance with the most recent technical regulations of the International Floorball Federation (IFF). In any dispute, the English text shall be regarded as authoritative.

The programme and duration of competitions are fixed by the Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. The competitions shall last from three (3) to five (5) days depending on the number of participants and include:

- one (1) men’s tournament

- one (1) women’s tournament

Each country is authorised to enter, for each team, a maximum of twenty-seven (27) persons: a maximum of twenty (20) players and seven (7) officials.

At the first General Technical Meeting, the Head of Delegation or his/ her representative shall confirm and sign the official list of competitors accredited by the CIC.


Minimum Requirements for Floorball   

The Organising Committee must provide, for exclusive use, full support facilities as approved by the floorball CT. The IFF regulations must be followed.
Please refer to FISU REGS. SEC. F 112.22 to see the details about the number of days of competition and the number of teams competing.

Competition Facilities

Type of Venue

Number of Venues

Changing Room Competitors

Changing Room TOJR

Spectator Seating

Press and Media Seating

Competition Venue for Men's Tournament






Competition Venue for Women's Tournament






Training Venues






*TOJR Technical Officials, Judges and Referees

The following conditions are required for each competition venue:

  • The playing field and the free zone (2m from side lines) make together the playing area.
  • A 3m wide free passageway around the free zone.
  • Light intensity must be between 1,000 and 1,500 lux measured 1m from the floor and the minimum temperature not lower than 16°C (61°F) and the maximum one not higher than 25°C (77°F).
  • The Organising Committee must provide the official FISU flooring for the floorball competition.
  • Synthetic floor covering approved by FISU and IFF.
  • Electrical scoreboards according to FISU requirements and IFF requirements.

The following conditions are required for each training facility:

  • Each training court must be at a team’s exclusive disposal for the duration of each training session.
  • The playing court and the free zone (2m from side lines) make together the playing area.
  • Light intensity must be between 1,000 and 1,500 lux measured 1m from the floor.
  • The minimum temperature must not be lower than 16 °C (61°F) and the maximum one not higher than 25°C (77°F).

The floor in the playing area must be the same as the floor in the competition venue.

Next Event

2016 - 7th WUC Floorball - Porto (POR)


International Federation


International Floorball Federation


FISU Technical Delegate





Previous Events

2014 - 6th WUC Floorball - Singapore (SNG)

2012 - 5th WUC Floorball - Prague (CZE)

2010 - 4th WUC Floorball - Umea (SWE)

2008 - 3rd WUC Floorball - Kuortane (FIN)

2006 - 2nd WUC Floorball - Bern (SUI)

2002 - 1st WUC Floorball - Götteborg (SWE)

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