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Education Services and Programmes

In addition to sport competitions, FISU stages educational events and programmes under the supervision of the Education Committee. The FISU Education team encourages the study and enhancement of University Sport through education.


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 FISU FORUM: A Place to Exchange Ideas and Best Practices



FISU is one of only a few international organisations that give young sports managers and leaders the opportunity to better understand and exchange ideas about the different aspects of the sports environment in which they operate. Every two years the FISU Forum brings together students, officials and other key partners involved in the University Sport Movement and with FISU Member Associations. Combining academic sessions with cultural, educational and sporting activities, it is a powerful communication platform for the various university sports communities. This combination gives the Forum an educational value in the broadest sense of the term.


The Forum is the only FISU event that gathers all the actors of university sport in one place. Students, junior and senior university sports managers, representatives of international sports and non-sports federations, organisers of major FISU events and renowned academic speakers are brought together for nearly a week to develop and strengthen the worldwide University Sport Movement.


The Forum is held over six days. It normally focuses on one main theme and four sub-themes, each of which is moderated by a speaker specialised in the subject area. Workshops on each sub-theme are held every day. Special sessions are also scheduled, for which speakers are selected on the basis of a call for papers launched within the FISU Family.


Forum Archives




FISU Forum Krasnoyarsk 2018 is coming this August to the upcoming Winter Universiade host, situated in the heart of the Siberian summer.  The city of Krasnoyarsk, with long summer nights along the Yenisei River and the legendary Stolby National Park nearby is set to be a memorable host the 14th edition of this event.



The main theme for the Forum is “Student sport — springboard for innovative leadership” and is organised by the 2019 Winter Universiade Organising Committee and the Russian Students Sport Union from the 6-10 August 2018.


For more information, download the event overview document.  

To apply, download the event entry form.



The FISU World Conference on Student Development through Sport


Every two years during the Summer Universiade FISU organises the FISU World Conference on Student Development through Sport. This major academic conference is a core traditional event inside the University Sport Movement, with a history that goes back to 1960.


The FISU World Conference ensures its academic level and scientific credibility by organising its event in cooperation with the highest local academic authorities.


The FISU World Conference’s goal is to create a platform for  presenting scientific papers on University Sport, thereby stimulating research on this topic.  Conference themes focus on the study of University Sport and are further complimented with keynote addresses, poster presentations, paper-presentation sessions and discussion groups.


The FISU World Conference on Student Development through Sport is open to all accredited participants of the Universiade.

Having a student development conference take place during the Universiade allows many student athletes to take part in an international academic conference, fostering the academic spirit in the sports arena.


“The Conference isn't just something you add to a Universiade as a side event, it’s an essential part of the programmes as it ties together sport and the university. I see this at the essence, the core, of the Universiade.”

-Paolo Bouquet, Sport Development Pro-Rector at University of Trento




FISU World Conference: Facts & Figures

▪ Duration: 3 days

▪ Scale: average 400 participants (but not limited)

▪ Reach: 60 or more countries

▪ Frequency: during the Summer Universiade, every two years in odd-numbered years

▪ Participants: renowned academic speakers, academia, professors, PhD students, university sports managers, representatives of international sport and non-sport federations, organisers of major FISU events, FISU Family members

▪ 26 editions held since 1960:

▪ Next edition: 2019 in Napoli, Italy: date TBD 

▪ Previous Conference hosts:


Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, 2017 - Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 2015 - Kazan, Russian Federation, 2013 - Shenzhen, P.R. China, 2011 - Belgrade, Serbia, 2009 - Bangkok, Thailand, 2007 - Izmir, Turkey, 2005 - Daegu, Republic of Korea, 2003 - Beijing, P.R. China, 2001 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1999 - Catania, Italy, 1997 - Fukuoka, Japan, 1995 - Buffalo, USA, 1993 - Sheffield, UK, 1991 - Zagreb, Yugoslavia, 1987 - Kobe, Japan, 1985 - Edmonton, Canada, 1983 - Bucharest, Romania, 1981 - Mexico City, Mexico, 1979 - Sofia, Bulgaria, 1977 - Hyvinkää, Finland, 1974 - Billingehus, Sweden, 1971 - Haifa, Israel, 1968 - Grunwald, Germany, 1966 - London, UK, 1964 - Obertrauw, Austria, 1962 - Magglingen, Switzerland, 1960


▪ Programme: plenary sessions, parallel sessions, poster session, cultural programme, presentation of the conclusions of the previous Forum and presentation of the next FISU educational events

▪ Objectives: to create a platform to present scientific papers and to stimulate research on sport, wherever possible linked to University Sport





Why FISU World Conference is essential to the University Sport Movement





Next FISU World Conference on Student Development through Sport

▪ Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade: 27-29 August: 2019 - Naples, Italy (Dates TBD) 



Past FISU World Conferences on Student Development through Sport

 You can find an overview here


Complete listing of FISU's Educational Events:


FISU Educational Programmes



    Member of the Permanent Consultative Council of the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS).
    Programme: 'International Day of University Sport' – 20 September. UNESCO endorsed it at the 38th General Assembly (3-18 November 2015).
    UNESCO website here 
    Programme: FISU–WADA Anti-Doping Programme: providing educational material.
    WADA website here
    Member of the Consultative Committee of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS)
    EPAS website here
    Member: FISU is represented in the Council
    Programme: attribution of Fair-Play Awards during FISU events and the FISU Gala
    IFPC website here
    Member: Association’s Board
    ICSSPE website here